May 25, 2022

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Vaccination with estrogen for 45 years and more | The first auspicious day

Astrogenica |  Vaccination for 45 years and older starts in a good mood

Most Cubans aged 45 and over were injected with the estrogen vaccine dose on Wednesday. By Wednesday afternoon, most of them had arrived at the Walk-in Vaccine Clinic in Palais des Congress.

Ariane LacorsierAriane Lacorsier

Coralie Laplante

In all, 1,850 doses of this vaccine were distributed during the day at the Palais des Congress de Montreal. As popular as it is, all appointments have already been granted for the rest of the week and there are no higher doses for the walk-in, said Mary-Ov Brunelle, in-charge of vaccination at the CIUSSS Center. -de-l’Île-de-Montréal, Wednesday afternoon.

Nearly 3,000 vaccines were given at the venue, including Pfizer doses distributed by appointment Wednesday at the Palais des Congress. Yet the biggest vaccination day.

Photo by Oliver Jean, Press

Assistant Head Nurse Saline Jarrett (right) and Eric Leclerc, Head of Vaccine Service at Palais des Congress

“It’s true! Inaugurated by Eric Leclerc, Head of Vaccine Service at the Palais des Congress. Mr Leclerc, who is retiring to take part in the vaccination effort, roams the corridors all day to manage the influx of patients. About 40 to 50 patients per hour appeared for the walk-in estrogen vaccine.


Lisa Levy woke up at 2am on Wednesday to get an appointment at Click Santo for the Astrogenica vaccine. She is very happy to reach out to her vaccine, medical student Tommy Laoi-Turkot to receive her dose. “Yes! She said after receiving the injection.

Photo by Oliver Jean, Press

Lisa Levy received the first dose of the astrogen gene vaccine at the Palais des Congress on Wednesday

At 5 p.m., patients who have demonstrated themselves at the Palais des Congress are expected to come out after receiving a dose without making an appointment. Josie Verriolt is one of them. Arriving at 4:30 p.m., she received a coupon and was able to be vaccinated between 6 and 7 p.m.

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At the same time, the assistant head nurse Celine Jarrett walks between all the tables of vaccines and at the end of the day is left to prepare the dose to try to determine the queues, appointments and how many where necessary to perform gentle exercise. Exercise is very important because no dose should be missed. From 6 p.m., syringes are made in the dropper to prevent damage.

For estrogenica, risk is of no less importance. Because even once opened the pots can come back into the fridge. But with Pfizer’s vaccine, six doses in pots should be given within six hours, Leclerc explained.

Constantly, mTo me Jarrett must repeat his prediction. Because patients do not show up for their appointment. At 6 p.m., the patient, who was to receive an estrogen dose, changed his mind at the last minute and left the chair to turn back.

At the Vaccine Center Pharmacy, a team of pharmacists and technicians constantly supplies the teams. In all, 150 employees are being vaccinated every day at the Palais des Congress.

At the end of the day, when it becomes clear that the taker cannot be found in certain doses, CIUSSS uses the call list. Montreal police officers have been vaccinated in recent weeks. In particular, employees at the vaccination center may also be given a dose if anything remains during the last minutes of the day.

The goal is clear: no dose should be thrown. Mr. Leclerc is the Regional Director of Public Health in Montreal, dBack Mylan Droin, Vaccinating those who are not in the right category is a venous sin, but wasting a dose is a deadly sin. For Mr Leclerc, Wednesday was intense, but “very satisfying”. He finished his day with 22,000 steps on the clock.

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Popular everywhere

Across Quebec, the announcement of the proliferation of older people who can receive the estrogen vaccine has prompted many to go the route of vaccination clinics.

At the Olympic Stadium, dozens of people wait to receive their dose in the morning.

Rosa Ponce, 45, said she was happy to vaccinate people her age.

Photo by Martin Chamberland, Press

Rosa Ponce, 45, traveled to the Olympic Stadium on Wednesday.

It is my opinion that people aged 45 and over are more motivated to get vaccinated than those in old age. We have children who want to return to a more active life and a normal life.

Rosa Ponce

Patients interviewed Tap There is little concern about the risk of thrombosis associated with the estrogena vaccine. “My daughter told me that women with a birth control pill are more likely to get thrombosis than an estrogena vaccine. If our women can do that, we can get vaccinated! , Laughed Martin Lizzie.

Photo by Martin Chamberland, Press

Martin Lizzie received a dose of the astrogen gene vaccine at the Olympic Stadium on Wednesday.

At CIUSSS de l’Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal, all 1,784 open appointments for astrogenic vaccines are reserved from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. At 4 p.m., 944 doses of the vaccine were given without an appointment. “We invite the target population to visit Click Sante regularly or to come to one of our vaccination sites without an appointment to receive the vaccine,” a founding spokesman said at the end of the day. Annie Charbonnau.

Laval was given 1,100 doses on Wednesday with and without an appointment. In Monteroze, 2,032 people received the estrogen vaccine, meaning 1,300 with an appointment and 732 without an appointment.

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