December 1, 2023

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Paul Maurice sends a clear message

Paul Maurice sends a clear message

Winnipeg Jets head coach Paul Morris did not like how his players behaved on Saturday and sent a meaningful message by nailing Mark Schiffel to the bench.

The 54-year-old made the move with a 4-1 lead in Toronto training, seven minutes after the start of the second period, following the third goal of the Toronto Maple Leafs scored by John Tavares.

“As a team we have some valuable things,” Paul Morris told a news conference after the match. […] We must adhere to our core values. ”

However, the Jets assistant captain returned to the ice in the final third. This did not prevent the Manitoba Squad from suffering a third consecutive loss. This is the first time this season that the Jets have been the victims of such a series.

However, Paul Morris believes he has conveyed his message to his players.

“I really liked the emotion on our bench. I loved our third season. I love this team, I love Mark, I love everyone. We must adhere to certain things. Now is a good time to get up. It’s time to evaluate these aspects of our games, especially when you lose three games in a row, it’s the right time to solve your problems in this nasty series. “

The loss put the Jets eight points ahead of the Maple Leafs and topped the North Division, but they still had the game.

They will have a chance to turn things around on Monday, starting a two-game home mini-series against the Edmonton Oilers.

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