May 18, 2022

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Quarantine rules in New Brunswick: Truckers shocked | COVID-19 in the Atlantic

Quarantine rules in New Brunswick: Truckers shocked |  COVID-19 in the Atlantic

Friday afternoon, Prime Minister Blaine Higgs Announced Truckers who frequently cross the regional border for their work are required to isolate themselves at home every time they return to New Brunswick and do not leave their homes with rare exceptions.

They will be allowed to go out for medical purposes and obtain the necessary items. But in the latter case, it should be done without contact, for example by taking a drive-through (Curbside pickup). After 14 days, they can resume their normal activities.

The Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association is surprised by the new curfew, which went into effect overnight from Saturday to SundaySuitable).

Jean-Marc Picard, director of the association, said some of its members were outraged by the government. There are some who feel targeted, He he said, So is the weather [chez les] Drivers, for now, she’s not really good.

I found that they pointed out a lot that caused the virus to enter the province.

A quote from:Jean-Marc Picard, Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association

Drivers protect themselves well. They are very afraid to get out of their truck when delivering to Quebec or Ontario, Says Picard.

Jean-Marc Picard, director of the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association (Archives).

Photo: Radio-Canada

Prime Minister ten days ago Higgs Truckers were hired for criticizing the government for not vaccinating enough people against COVID-19. Only 800 of the province’s 3,000 truckers received the vaccine, He said on April 13th.

Friday, Blaine Higgs Thanks to the truckers who softened the tone and vaccinated. Most of them are doing it, he said.

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At the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association, it was argued that the long working hours of irregular vehicle drivers and irregularly scheduled appointments made it much more difficult than necessary.

Director Jean-Marc Picard encouraged these workers to be vaccinated and proposed to the government to set up vaccination clinics where truckers often come near truck-heavy areas or elsewhere.

However, truckers are required to comply with new regulations imposed by the government. Higgs, Despite vaccinating them, the prime minister said.

In New Brunswick, the new quarantine rules that will come into force this weekend will also dictate the reasons why people entering the province may not feel the need. Isolate themselves in a hotel, at their own expense Government appointed.

Fredericton said these drastic measures – and those costly for people crossing the regional border – could help curb the spread of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Government Higgs Hopes to maintain them until at least the end of May.

According to a report by Isabelle Arseno