July 5, 2022

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Pyrenees Gaming: Everything is rolling for MotoGP 2021

Pyrenees Gaming: Everything is rolling for MotoGP 2021

What could be better than a motorcycle to test the fluidity and performance speed of new generation consoles? The annual title of the landmark has just been released – and for the first time – in the PlayStation 5 and Xbox series, the arrival that fans of the genre have been expecting and it’s just fine.

The licensed title allows MotoGP to design various riders on motorcycles and official circuits at the 2021 World Championships. The real plus, it seems, is not to mention sports simulations, but it’s not so easy to guarantee developers and publishers. Lots to rejoice over. MotoGP 2021 thus allows Fabio Quartaro, Marc Mవెrquez or the iconic Valentino Rossi and himself to take over for his motorcycle number 46.

Hard to take in hand

Joystick in hand, feeling of speed. Acceleration and braking are well reproduced. So you need to know how to properly place your body on the bike to brake or accelerate better. Gameplay requires a few hours for beginners to get used to as it has nothing to do with four-wheeled games. In the beginning, we spend our time falling and rising. Gradually, however, it will end up entering, making riding your virtual motorcycle not so easy.

Good news for PlayStation 5 owners: MotoGP 2021 uses dual-sense compatible triggers. There is nothing silly to overtake, but it has at least the merit of being there. Triggers generate force while accelerating and braking, which slightly, strengthens the immersion.

Once you realize the management, it’s time to face your competitors in the race. We will issue some precautions on this matter as artificial intelligence is not always at a high level. Sometimes poorly calibrated, the title AI destroys your race in a corner, which is not always so much fun. Fortunately, the replay function allows you to go back.

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The title allows you to create different MotoGP riders. © Photo credit: Capture PS5

The title is not strict in terms of settings. It is possible to adjust your motorcycle to your liking and therefore to suit your riding route. True happiness for purists. A tan for others, they can not understand much. Pity.

Very crowded

When it comes to game modes, there is actually a championship mode as well. Different practice sessions such as qualifying and race are available. The game also has a career mode. It is also complete but does not add much newness compared to the previous edition. We like to take more risk and innovate as code masters do regularly in the F1 series.

We end with a successful title. Despite some AI errors and sometimes very complex settings, the title is fun. Of course, it takes a little training before you feel it, but once this phase of adaptation is over, the pleasure really is there.

MotoGP 2021, 59.99 euros, PS5, PS4, Xbox, Switch, PC

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In short

If you like MotoGP 2021:

  • You like motorcycles
  • You vibrate for Fabio Quarto every weekend
  • You will lose the Impossible Climb (in this case, it will not go here)

You do not like MotoGP 2021

  • You are in a hurry to win
  • You don’t want to fall