May 27, 2023

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The Siberian tiger in the village of China is in a state of panic

The Siberian tiger in the village of China is in a state of panic

State media reported on Monday that a Siberian tiger attacked a car and flew over a farmer in a small village on the Russian border, northeast China.

France Media Agency

A juvenile male tiger was spotted roaming near Linhu village in Heilongjiang province on Friday. Paper (Located in Shanghai), which quotes local police.

“He went to two villagers working on a farm,” the witness, Wang Ju, said in a car to pick up a relative.

“I shouted at them to flee, but the tiger ran straight in my direction,” the witness explained. Beijing News In a video posted on Sunday.

“In two or three seconds he came running and threw himself on his car, clawing at it with his heavy claws.”

The exterior of the car was severely damaged and the rear passenger window shattered. “I was scared,” Wang said after the incident. None of the passengers in the car were injured.

Before fleeing, video footage showed a tiger jumping on a villager working on a nearby farm. Also according to the media, the unfortunate man was slightly injured. Police cornered and subdued the animal using calm arrows.

A large cat has been detained for 45 days at the Hengdahoheji Cat Breeding Center in Mulanjiang City.

Siberian tigers are native to Russia and parts of northeastern China. According to the state newspaper Global Times, Less than 500 are believed to be left in the wild due to poaching, and less than 30 are believed to be in China.

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Conservationists in China and Russia are trying to protect the species. Rarely do tigers move into areas frequented by humans.