May 21, 2022

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Boulevard announced its “absolute closure”

Boulevard announced its "absolute closure"

The Le Boulevard Shopping Center, located at the intersection of Rue Jean-Talone Estate and Boulevard Pie-IX, confirmed that it was preparing to open the shutters on Tuesday morning.

The rumor is true, the Le Boulevard Center unfortunately closes its doors after many years and beautiful memories have accumulated with you., Confirmed his Facebook page administrator.

Its stores Will leave [les lieux] Gradually over the next few months, We said.

The announcement caused a stir among Internet users. This post has generated over 1,000 comments, most of which were serious at the beginning of the event.

Complex possession

This is because Crafton Moore, a private company that opposed the partial takeover of its building, was completely taken over by Philip, chairman of the board of directors of the Society de Transport de Montreal (STM), from Quebec’s administrative tribunal. Schnob.

So even though we are the owner of a shopping center, we ended up, He summed up in an interview on Monday, April 19th.

The owner said, “If you don’t take over all of me, I’m losing a lot of money.” So the judge decided that we were going to take full control of it. And in terms of acquisition it will cost twice as much as we thought.

A quote from:Philip Schnobe, Chairman of the Board of Directors of STM

The STM, Who had planned 50 million for the takeover, is now being caught with a bill of 115 million, Mr. Schnob explained. Regardless All compensation to be paid to tenants should be eliminated.

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Resale site?

In theory, the STM Would like to use the site to provide incentive parking that will allow motorists to leave their car to use the future blue line – Somewhere in 2027 – or to borrow Express Bus Service (SRB) In the south.

The administration of Mayor Valerie Plante directed Anjou to reduce the costs of the metro extension project However proposed to resell the land. According to the position, according to her, Good land valuation.

Philip Schnobe is open to instructions. Park-and-ride parking is one of the things we can get out of the project, He announced last week; He added that a committee recently set up by Quebec would assess the possibility in the coming weeks.

Le Boulevard was built in 1952, according to Krafton Moore’s website. Its 400,000 square feet currently has 70 tenants, including Metro, Canadian Tire, Jean Couture, Ardene, Dollarama and the Society des Alcoles du Quebec (SAQ). Its parking space can accommodate 1400 cars.

Located on the border of three boroughs (Villere – Saint-Michel – Park-Extension, Rosemont – La Petit-Patri and Saint-Leonard), shopping center Benefits from a population basin of over 160,000 people over a radius of 2.5 km, Says Krafton Moore on his site.