July 5, 2022

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Secret బ్Lab Dvoil Magnus, with its colorful gaming desk

Secret బ్Lab Dvoil Magnus, with its colorful gaming desk

The desktop is not the most important thing when thinking about buying gaming hardware. Furthermore, between the comfort and storage of the cables, it makes a difference. Secret‌Lab wants you to have a very unique workpiece.

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Currently available for pre-order The official website of the manufacturer, Here comes Magnus. Behind this somewhat flashy name (large, in Latin) is an elegant 42kg desk that can support up to 100kg of material on top of it. What to see.

There is nothing hanging around

All dressed in black and had a simuli-leather carpet on the entire flat surface of the desk, all of which were removed by a magnetic system. One of the goals of this office is to be able to help you screen screen cable, keyboard, mouse and computer with a sliding panel and hook system in your cable management. As you can see Official Product Page, It is also possible to buy various additional accessories without any chance.

Finally, in terms of design, RGB takes advantage of the desktop remote control (because why not). It is currently available in its 1500 mm x 700 mm version 449 euros. A smaller version of 1200mm x 700 will be available later 399 euros. First deliveries begin May 19.

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