July 7, 2022

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The situation in Ottois is critical

The situation in Ottois is critical

Despite the reduction in the number and prevalence of cases over the past week, the outreach situation in the area is still considered critical, public health in the region told a news conference Wednesday afternoon.

Arian KrollArian Kroll

“The third wave in Au Toys is out of control and the situation in this area is critical,” De warnedBack Brigitte Pinard, interim director of public health at the Autowice Integrated Health and Social Services Center (CISS).

The region recorded an average of 73 new cases per day last week, up from 132 the week before, but still has an active prevalence of 79. In addition, 91% of cases are due to variants. From April 20 to 26 the positivity rate was 8.4%, slightly lower, but still very high. Decreased screening rate is a concern for public health

“This is a very critical situation in our hospitals right now,” said Dumont, vice president and general manager of CISSS. There are still 62 patients in the area hospitalized for COVID-19, 17 of whom are in critical care, seven of whom are in intensive care. “This is a very large number that we are currently facing,” Underline M.To me Dumont.

“There is no difference of the game in the Autouis,” Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt commented on Tuesday, announcing the extension of emergency measures for an additional week until May 9th.