May 18, 2022

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Top model Mohamed Regis has ended her acting career in Algeria-Video

Top model Mohamed Regis has ended her acting career in Algeria-Video

Internet users seem to have won. Algerian actor and top model Mohamed Regis has announced his decision to leave the Algerian film scene in a video posted on social networks.

Everyone knows that being a public figure is not an easy task. By showcasing his art, we subject his person to criticism, often severely and sometimes from the audience.

After many years of audience criticism, Ramzan is best known for his role in the soap opera. ” Yemma Year aired last year and made a serious decision by ending his career in Algeria this year as well.

Early retirement

In his message, the artist begins by wishing Algerians a happy Ramadan, before pointing out that it is the last holy month to see him on television in Algeria. “ I feel heavy for some, I would retire with honor He said vaguely that his grandfather had taught him to retire from an unwelcome home.

Mohamed Regis apologizes to the Algerian people, pushing him to make the decision to leave the scene for the same reasons. In many cases, he is the only one, “he repeated. Ordinary actor “, అ” te Enthusiastic .

Source of criticism

The Algerians, known for looking for the slightest mistake to make fun of, did not fail to turn Mohamed Regis into the object of all ridicule following a scene from the series. ” Yemma He can be seen crying.

This essence, intended to move, has become a palpable topic for lovers of undesirable evil. Others, more objective, pointed the finger at his bad performance. Both parties, however, invited the actor to withdraw from filming.

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Nothing changes

Even under the video where he announces the end of his career, internet users cannot be satisfied. True, they were overjoyed and shocked when they heard this news. ” It’s not too fast! Some responded. Others, on the other hand, praised his efforts and praised his progress in the second season since last year. Yemma .

But this is not enough to comfort Mohammed Regis, who was influenced by critics. However, every time the actor discusses his retirement, it ” Algerian landscape , May indicate that he is open to international experiences, perhaps no less compromising.