March 24, 2023

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Angled failed

Angled failed

On two recent occasions, Dominic Anglade has made good attacks against the government.

But they failed to “complete the body check” as they say in hockey terminology.

Government by decree

The first is the challenge to the process of restoring a health emergency: from 10 days to 10 days allowed by law. However, in doing so, the government is overriding the obligation to obtain the consent of the National Assembly if it does so every 30 days.

The idea is not a bad one. In early April, Louis-Philippe Lampron, a law professor at Laval University, made a remarkable excursion. Speaking to Radio-Canada, he said, “We have been in government for a year by decree, which we see as a” big flaw “in the public health law.

A few days later, Anglade stepped into it. As expected, Legalt and Gilbolt raised this question in response to the tandem surprise. Gilbolt qualified the matter as “strange”.

Anglade seemed to have retreated. Same thing with QUB Radio, on April 14th, I asked her to tell me what she would change in the decree restoring the emergency. His answer is not specific; For the most part, she pointed to a dubious deal by mutual agreement for gravel at the Society des establishments, de plain air du Quebec.

In the living room, a few days later, Franకోois Legalt had fun: “The only answer we have is [sic] Named, it is a gravel problem at Sepak. […] It’s not serious, there. We are not going to negotiate to negotiate. “

In the Liberal Caucasus, some even wondered where the leader was going with this issue. We saw the “lack of content”. She needs to be well prepared for the second phase of the attack.

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Crisis and solution

Opposition parties, it is right to pierce things regularly. So liberals have recently taken up the theme of the “housing crisis” at QS and more precisely at Andres Fontesilla, beating it for weeks. They also adopted the theme of real estate warming as independent Catherine Fournier (Future candidate for Longueil mayor) Raised first in the living room.

Greetings once again from Anglade, who skillfully joined in the government’s refusal to recognize the existence of a “housing crisis”.

But yesterday morning, when reporters asked her what her proposals were to get out of the crisis, she seemed ill again. “There are different ways,” she replied half-heartedly, then giving an example of the tax taken from the last federal budget. She quickly crossed the floor to her MP Mary-Claude Nicholas. The latter is also unclear, prompting a new home buyer plan (HBP).

Admittedly, during the ensuing question period, Franకోois Legalt also seemed to take it badly. It would have been even more so if the official opposition had “been able to complete its failure”.