May 21, 2022

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Strike at Montreal Harbor: Longshormen fight to the end

Strike at Montreal Harbor: Longshormen fight to the end

Despite being forced to return to their work in the House of Commons, the Montreal Steward’s Port warns that they will challenge it in all ways, including before the International Labor Organization (ILO) in Geneva.

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“As of Monday, we have taken over the ILO of the complaint, which was confirmed by Union Adviser and Longshoremen spokeswoman Michelle Murray on Thursday.

Hundreds of longshoremen lined up yesterday afternoon in front of the Port of Montreal House of Longshoremen, Rue Notre-Dame Est.  Climbed to the roof of a van to fix them, and their union representatives applauded many times.

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Thanks to the support of the Liberals and Conservatives in the lower house, the law aims to return to the work of longshoremen and continue loading and unloading operations at the port. Meanwhile, the union and the employers resume their work through an imposed mediation-mediation process.

This law must be considered in the Senate today before it can be passed and come into force. Representatives of about 1,125 stewardesses at the port, affiliated with the Canadian Union of Public Employees, plan to go there to accept their case.

Notre Dame is blocked

“We expose the whole situation to prove that this law is not necessary and that it violates the right of employees to collectively bargain and strike,” explained former longshoreman Michelle Murray.

At a press conference, hundreds of longshoremen blocked a section of the Rue Notre-Dame Est ,e, the latter urging the Association of Maritime Employers (AEM) and the Minister of Labor. On April 9, before the owner makes any changes.

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In a written statement issued at the end of the day, AEM said that in the event of a special law coming into force, “the employer shall renew the terms of job security” and continue to respect the terms of the “collective agreement” regarding the work schedule.