May 27, 2022

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Herman Miller Aaron Gaming Test: The seat that hides its game well

Herman Miller Aaron Gaming Test: The seat that hides its game well

Surprisingly, Aaron Gaming has practically all of the premium chair offering and able reversible settings. We start with the seat height, which can be adjusted from 43 to 58 cm, as well as the spacing (15 cm) to accommodate people measuring up to 1.91 m. On the other hand, the depth of the seat (47 cm) cannot be adjusted, or the backrest height (58 cm). The absence of a headrest is fully justified by Herman Miller, who justifies this option by suggesting that a headrest is not required for the ideal position of the back. For example, it can be annoying even when wearing a bulky headset or hoodie. In this case, it’s a risk of losing NAP’s followers after a meal.

Rejected from professional seats, Aaron Gaming’s backrest bends when body weight is allowed to return. This off-center movement (the seat / backrest angle opens when leaning backwards) can be adjusted in three levels (vertical locking, partial tilt, full tilt) using the dial under the seat on the left side. The resistance of this rocker is due to the user dialing the correct dial. Note that Herman Miller recommends releasing this rocker regularly at rest or reflecting times to promote the circulation of body fluids – however, rocker is usually blocked during work or game sessions on the computer. Some users are fine with the intermediate setting, which keeps the backrest upright while typing and goes backwards at rest. However, it is very practical to prevent it from going backwards especially in the middle of a video game during times of tension.

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There is also a button on the left lever to rotate the seat slightly forward. The position of the body is then more upright and the weight is slightly higher on the thighs; The seat needs to be raised slightly from lowering the knee slightly – keep in mind that the right angle of the knee joint is recommended when sitting.

At the back of the backrest is a small wheel (posture fit SL system) that allows you to play on the pressure of the two soft plates that support the pelvic area. Be careful not to overdo it, as you risk losing some seat depth.

In addition to all these seat and backrest adjustments, the armrests have a full range of adjustments. Their height is very precisely defined by the slide without notches, but the lever gives power to the locking of this vertical adjustment. The position of the armrests is adjusted by “forcing” them to slide on an unrecognized slide. With respect to an unrecognized upper body at the elbow, the gap is adjusted angularly. So the gap is more or less constant at the elbows and we have great spread on the front of the armrest.

These two line adjustments are sufficient to quickly fix the position of the armrests, especially the mouse in-charge, which sometimes needs to be brought closer to the body during long keyboard typing sessions. On the other hand, you should not rely too much on armrests to get out of the seat or settle down, otherwise they will slip. The more negative the resistance of the notches, the harder it will be.

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