May 22, 2022

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Ultra-devotional, but ultra-harmful | JDM

Ultra-devotional, but ultra-harmful |  JDM

The terrible crowd of Mount Maron in Israel last weekend was terrifying and fascinating. More than 40 people died in the crowd, where those in the back did not understand that those in front were suffocating. The victims were Jewish pilgrims, and already, with this pilgrimage, there was enormous danger.

We expected 10,000 believers: Ultra Orthodox Jews – Haredim, Hasidim and others – prayed and lived their faith close to one another. They meet for Log Balmer, an annual religious festival in the mountains between Lebanon and Lake Tiberias. A sacred place, this is Mount Maron, where a 2nd century spiritual rabbi is buried.

Last year, in the wake of the epidemic in Israel, police were able to stop believers on their way. There is no doubt that this year has passed another round: from 10,000 to 10,000, the number of devotees has increased to 100,000. And even better, they say: in normal times, their number reaches 400,000.

Everything in this play is overwhelming: the midnight crowd meets towards a very narrow exit; People who slip, fall and continue despite everything. The investigation says more, but many believe that Israel has too much permission to go to the ultra-Orthodox community.

Pandemic and religious zeal

Israel is especially handling its departure from the epidemic. Earlier in April and before everyone else, the need to wear outside masks was lifted and schools were fully reopened. We inject as much as possible and today, 56% of Israel is fully vaccinated.

Collective immunity is still a long way off, and public health officials have watched the planned meetings at Montmoron with a blurred vision. Thousands of people, very few masks, no physical distance: Breeding Ground for Excellence.

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This, especially from the ultra-Orthodox, with their large families, who volunteered to be isolated from their affluent life and modernity, was severely affected by Kovid-19. In Israel, 28% of infections are found in their community, which is only 12.6% of the population.

Huge political weight

If they could escape individual hints and collective restrictions, especially if they could reach thousands of people, the differences would give experts a nightmare because they had established a beneficial position in political life. Israel.

The main coalition representing them – the United Torah Judaism Party – has allowed right-wing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to stay in power for a dozen years through thick and thin.

Netanyahu, in turn, generously funded rabbinical schools and refused to force society to succumb to coronavirus-related deprivation. As a result, the Ultra-Orthodox go their own way, taking terrible risks and hurting themselves with little help. Not a tragedy at all.

Israel and its Ultra Orthodox

High birth rate

  • Ultra-Orthodox women give birth to an average of 6.6 children.
  • The average Israeli woman has 2.2 children.
  • Nearly 60% of Ultra Orthodox are under 20 years of age.

A constantly growing community

As a% of the population of Israel …

  • 1930: 2%
  • 2019: 12.6%


  • 2030: 16%
  • 2065: 30%

A community suffering from an epidemic

One in 100 ultra-Orthodox believers over the age of 60 in Israel has died from Kovid-19.