May 28, 2022

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Gala Artis: Morpheus Morin has requested to withdraw his nomination

Gala Artis: Morpheus Morin has requested to withdraw his nomination

Morpheus Morin requested to withdraw her controversial gala artis nomination, she announced on Sunday evening set Everyone talks about it, In Radio-Canada.

“This afternoon [dimanche], I have decided to withdraw my nomination because I am tired of splitting, quite simply, ”she declared in her speech.

His announcement was severely criticized by many public figures, such as Arnold Soli, Rosalie Wylancourt, Maggie LePine-Blandue or Anne-Elizabeth Boss.

“The important thing is that I focus on the four amazing actresses who have been nominated,” said Morpheus Morin, who will compete in the female role category for the seasonal drama series for her role in the series. Wrong.

Keep in mind that the host and actress received two nominations last year after the gala artis decision was withdrawn during the revelation of singer Safia Nolin.

Look back at the revelations

Morpheus Morin was invited to a radio-Canada show following an article The Press, Five people there testified to report racist remarks, unwanted sexual contact or physical assaults inflicted on a person.

“There’s a great shame surrounding me. I’m not proud to read this […] Once I got there, all I could do was hurt people through my behavior, through my words, ”she emphasized.

In particular, she has returned to the circumstances of the events surrounding these allegations, now acknowledging that she considers herself a “dependent alcoholic”.

“In the state of use, I’ve violated someone else’s limit. I’m also violated mine. At a certain point, you do not know where it ends.”

The actress has been back on the movie sets in recent weeks, especially for the sequel Wrong And film Arlette! Of Marilop Wolf.

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“I need to be able to get back to some comparison of normal life […] I’m prudent, then I think I have opportunities, then I think I need to work, “she said.