May 21, 2022

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Car Collectors Trial: From Stranger to Teenage Confident

Car Collectors Trial: From Stranger to Teenage Confident

As a regular client, the complainant’s mother came to the Thetford mines business and automobile collector business to buy flooring. She came out confident and life coach for her daughter.

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On the second day of the Roger Demers trial at Thetford Mines, the 17-year-old victim’s mother came to explain how her family had approached the accused. The owner of Topis Demers has been accused of sexual harassment and touching his victim during founding coaching sessions in 2017.


In September 2017, the victim’s parents came to Carpets Demers for the construction of the residence. During a four-hour meeting with Roger Demers, who had no big questions about flooring, the accused instantly became a “believer”, touching her while talking to her mother and placing her mother’s hand “on her heart”.

“He has a knack for trusting you,” said the unnamed woman to protect the complainant’s identity. “I unpacked my bag, I’m confident in myself,” the mother testified, adding that she had problems with her teenage daughter, who lives in CEGEP, and that she had always wanted to be an entrepreneur.


It was during this time that the accused proposed to the complainant’s mother to “coach” their daughter. Demers, who says he has the knack of seeing entrepreneurial potential in the eyes of the public, said when he saw a photo of a teenager.

“I thought my daughter would have a special right,” the witness said, believing his daughter was “in good hands”. The complainant called Roger Demers on the advice of his mother.

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These meetings took place between September 2017 and February 2018, during which time the mother spoke regularly with Demers.

The latter bought a dress from the complainant, who was accompanied by her mother.

The mother led to allegations in 2018 about no sexual activity between her daughter and Roger Demers before a police investigation. The complainant testified Monday. , Touching her boobs.