September 29, 2022

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Flowers for Pasioretti | The Journal of Montreal

Flowers for Pasioretti |  The Journal of Montreal

In 2020-2021, Vegas Golden Knights forward Max Pasioretti is getting the best publicity of his career.

With 51 points from 48 games, the former captain of the Montreal Canadians should experience his first season where he collects more than one point per game he has played.

However, what impresses his head coach is not his offensive statistics, but his desire for improvement.

“I think Pasioretti had a very good season. He’s been open-minded when he adds strings to his bow in both attack and defense,” Peter DeBore said after his workout at a press conference on Tuesday.

“He’s becoming a great 200 – footer. He’s no longer just a regular shooter. He’s become the hardest player to deal with in an offensive zone.”

DeBore recalls that not all experienced players have the same attitude as a 32-year-old American.

“He really realized and he was studying what he could do to be a better hockey player,” Pilot said. It’s supposed to be automatic for all players, but it’s not. There are veterans who make a lot of money, they do not force themselves to improve and are happy in the status quo. ”

Passioretti and the Golden Knights have five more games to play in their regular season. The Nevada team currently sits in the first section of the Western Section and has a two-point lead over the Colorado Avalanche.

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