July 1, 2022

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Amazon Prime Gaming: Free Games and Content for May 2021

Amazon Prime Gaming : les jeux et contenus gratuits de mai 2021

After the novelties offered to PlayStation (PS Plus and PS Now), Xbox and Stadia subscribers, I still had to talk about some of the gifts Amazon offers to subscribers. I’m talking about gifts but you understand that they are offered in exchange for a monthly membership. In Prime Gaming, formerly Twitch Prime, you can collect multiple items each month. Amazon Prime gaming games and in-game content are available in May.

As with all other platforms listed below, you have a deadline to collect these different things. If you look at what the platform has been offering over the past month, you will see that some titles come back each month (for the content in the game).

Once you add them to your library, you can decide when to install the game and play it without any expiration. Please note that you will need to install a specific app to take advantage of the games you offer.

Amazon Prime Gaming: Free Games for May 2021
Overview of game-game content available in Prime Gaming‌

Content in the game

Here are some examples of all kinds of game elements and content you can choose from this month. Check expiration dates as some content may not be available soon.

Title Subject Expiration Venue
League of Legends Mystery Skin Fragment 08/06/2021 PC
Value Spray 200 DQI 28/05/2021 PC
FIFA 21 Pack de Prime Gaming 31/05/2021 PlayStation / Xbox / PC
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Pack Fitness Fiesta 26/05/2021 PlayStation / PC
Sea of ​​Thieves Splash tail strap 17/05/2021 Xbox / PC
Rainbow Six Siege 7 day named booster 20/05/2021 PlayStation / Xbox / PC
Destination 2 Exotic Pack of Spicy Ramen 12/05/2021 PlayStation / Xbox / PC / Stadia
Rogue Company Tenue Unville Desert Apps 07/05/2021 PlayStation / Xbox / PC / Switch
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Games are provided

Here is a list of games you can catch until the end of May or even the beginning of June. I do not need to indicate on which platform the titles are available. You must have a Windows PC to take advantage of it.

Title Type Expiration
Iris and the Giant RPG / Rogue-Like 14/05/2021
Healers Quest RPG 01/06/2021
Watcher Adventure 01/06/2021
Edgar – Bockback in Bowljack Adventure 28/05/2021
Blind prophet Click the point 01/06/2021
Yoko’s Island Express Venue 01/06/2021
Fig Adventure 21/05/2021
A blind legend Adventure 01/06/2021

Knowing that you have subscribed to Amazon Prime, I remind you about how to retrieve games and in-game content:

  • Connect Amazon Prime Gaming Through his Amazon Prime account
  • Click on the “Recover” button below each title and content
  • Install the Amazon Games app to play games and link your Amazon account to different sites to enjoy game content (Mediatonic for Ubisoft, Valentine and League of Legends riot games for Rainbow Six Siege or Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout)
Amazon Prime Gaming: Free Games for May 2021
Titles are available on Prime Gaming in May 2021

Enjoy !!