May 20, 2022

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“Arsenal at Fills”: Karen Vanasse and Luke Picard star in Raphael O’Leary’s new film

"Arsenal at Fills": Karen Vanasse and Luke Picard star in Raphael O'Leary's new film

Rafael Ovalet was a critical success with his films Truck And Gurov and Anna, Without running more cine audiences in theaters. A few days before the shooting of his fifth film, Arsenal and Sun., He believes that all factors must be at hand to conquer the common people.

Recipe? The cast, which is packed with accurate values ​​such as Karen Vanasse, Luke Picard, Michelin Langtot, Guilloom Sir and Julian Pauline, is paired with a scene that takes on a thriller look that gives the audience some respite, according to him.

“I hope there will be an ambitious excursion that will allow us to reach audiences across the province. I have one Casting Generous, beautiful script, action. I understand why we leave more modestly and secretly Truck. For Arsenal and Sun., Our aspirations are high, ”said the filmmaker.

The story revolves around a family from Boss-du-Fleeve who reigns as king and owner in a small village and earns his income from hunting.

Filmmaker Raphael Ovalet

Photo courtesy, Genevieve Peron

Filmmaker Raphael Ovalet

To produce his film, Raphael O’Leary entered the shadow universes as a cinephile master of his past. At that time James Gray was influenced by cinema The Yards And We own the night, He was also inspired by a famous trilogy.

Turn home

Shooting will begin on May 15 in Montreal. The group travels to the director’s hometown of Degelis and Bolton. Everything must be completed by July 9th.

With exception Gurov and Anna, Raphael Ovalet painted a good part of his paintings in DeGelis. Why? When he writes his movies, it is by looking at these famous places in his headArsenal and Sun., Proximity to the borders of New Brunswick and Maine.

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Fortunately for him, his producers agreed to extend the dollars needed for this excursion, which is 550 kilometers from Montreal.

The film is set to release in 2022.

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