July 5, 2022

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Faster tests | “Canada loses turn completely”

Faster tests |  "Canada loses turn completely"

(Montreal) “Canada has completely lost the turn towards rapid testing,” said the head of the infectious disease department at the Montreal Jewish General Hospital, D.C.r Carl Weiss.

Jessica Bufflot
The Canadian Press

This was one of the observations he shared on Thursday during a video conference with the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal (CCMM).

Dr. Wise agreed that these rapid tests were not as effective as those used in the hospital. However, he believes these should be “used more heavily in the provinces.”

These tests work well on asymptomatic people, he gave as an example.

However, despite their limitations, he believes they are given more room to test people in schools or businesses and to prevent the spread in some communities.

“This is a lesson to be learned for the future,” said the epidemiologist.

He believes the supply and transportation challenges surrounding vaccines are among those affecting Canada.

In this sense, dr Wise said it was important for the country to develop its own production capacity.

World situation

On the other hand, “Canada is not G7’s worst country” in pandemic management, qualifies as an expert.

The curfew imposed in Quebec puts the province in good condition compared to Ontario, where restaurant terraces have been open for a while.

He recalled that Ontario worked well during the first and second waves. Maritimes who have retained their bubble are also fine.

There are good reasons to stay away from watching vaccine campaigns in the UK, Israel and the US, but dr Weiss calls for caution.

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The man who is the president of the Association of Microbiologists of Infectious Diseases of Quebec mentioned Chile, which was promoted by the success of the mass vaccination campaign.

However, cases are skyrocketing in this Latin American country, especially among the young population.

According to him, the re-launch plans announced by various countries are political choices, they do not always rely on science.

“People are learning to plan for the future and find balance,” he says.

Unlike smallpox, it only affects humans and “completely eradicated in 1977”, when the coronavirus spreads through animals. The doctor therefore warned that Fossi may continue to emerge.