March 22, 2023

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Citizens on the street against the Ray-Mont Logistics transshipment project

Citizens on the street against the Ray-Mont Logistics transshipment project

For Anas Howd, a spokesman for the civic group Mobilization 6600 Park-Nature MHM, the ideal outcome would be to turn the site into a park and take over the organization to reclaim its rights to nature.

It is an industrial sector that has been abandoned for a long time and has been restructured. Now use park use. People go there every day.

A quote from:Anas Houd, representative of the group

Whether we are running there, cross country ski, snow show or bicycle is maintained by the representative.

For this committed citizen, municipal administrations and governments at various levels follow each other by declaring the importance of environmental change, The transition begins now, She says.

However, it seems rare to stop this project, so the team of citizens hopes to get at least the best mitigation measures possible to minimize the impact on the lives of neighbors.

Some 1000 trucks per day

In a public presentation, video recording is available online, with Charles Raymond, president and general manager of Ray-Mont Logistics, explaining that they plan 300,000 container movements each year, or 1,000 trucks entering and leaving the site each day. To this must be added the transmission of several trains.

[Charles Raymond] In the planning of the territory, he took advantage of the loophole in the zoning and there he repeats “I have a right, I have a right”, but we have a right to a quality environment. We have a right to healthy neighbors. We have the right to access nature, Replies Anas Howd.

Among a group of several hundred performers, Catherine Gagnon wanted to maintain her quality of life. Owner of a duplex on Rue de Ville-Marie, she thought about selling even though she had enjoyed her life in a quiet neighborhood for 14 years.

Another local resident, Larry Bacro, said she regularly goes into the woods to enjoy the little greenery and that her daughters love to go there and play.

This is a disaster project, which is undesirable. [Charles Raymond] It tells itself, Referring to the public presentation of Ray-Mont Logistics, adds Anas Houd.

Since the CEO started his project, he has known that the immediate impact on the living standards of neighbors will be greater. Charles Raymond stated that he had reached the city of Montreal to find a way to receive the place, but he alleged that he had not heard.

MHM’s borough sought to prevent the industrial project from being undertaken by initially refusing to grant the site the necessary permission. However, Ray-Mont appealed to the courts and it was successful because the zoning regulations were in force at the time of land acquisition.

Assembled assistants

In addition to the many families and citizens who support the MHM Mobilization 6600 Park-Nature Group, Provincial Deputy Alexander Leduk and his federal colleague Soraya Martinez Ferrada were also present.

Alexander Leduk, of Quebec Solidair, said he was disappointed with the decision of the Court of Appeals but felt that the fight was not over. According to him, it is now important to see to it that the best project possible is developed.

The deputy is demanding three things from the Ray-Mont logistics firm. The three criteria he needs to respect if there are leaders Neighbors are intense in their ambition to seek social acceptance.

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Alexander Leduk, Member of Parliament for Solidarity, Quebec

Alexander Ledouk, Member of Parliament for Quebec Solidarity.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Matthew Potwin

First of all, he wants Ray-Mont to submit his plans to the city as soon as possible in order to reach a consensus with citizens on mitigation measures. He also asks for an impact study to justify mitigation measures and, ultimately, calls on the company to withdraw the $ 373 million lawsuit against the city of Montreal for delaying the project.

[Ray-Mont] Claiming over 370 million from the city, but the city is ours! It’s citizens.

A quote from:Alexander Ledouk, Member of Parliament for Quebec Solidarity

His federal counterpart, Liberal Soraia Martinez Ferrada, was also present To listen to the citizens, She said, recalling that the court ruled in favor of the company.

As citizens, this is not what we like. We hope the court has imposed it on us and that Ray-Mont Logistics has a corporate obligation to speak with citizens and the city.

A quote from:Soraya Martinez Ferrada, Federal Liberal MP

The MP, who holds the post of Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Transport, is believed to belong to the federal government No lever In this case, sea and rail transport falls within its scope. The MP still wants to participate to facilitate negotiations between the organization, the city and the citizens.

As far as you are concerned, this is going to be an extraordinary project and it will be very challenging, She adds that Ray-Mont‌ has a corporate responsibility towards its neighbors.

The festive parade began at the Place Simon-Valois in Ontario, before heading east on the east side of the future location of Ray-Mont Logistics. However, managers are reluctant to go directly to the company’s private property.

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Ray-Mont wants to cooperate

In a written statement sent via email, Ray-Mont said he identified himself Challenges of Coexistence between the Industrial Activities in the El Assumption Sud Long-Point Sector and Nearby Homes.

The company repeated the proposed measures Serious and concrete Elected municipal officers for five years, but they Unfortunately it never followed.

Now that the courts have ruled on our operating right, we believe it is the responsibility of all parties to sit down to develop a project that lives up to our aspirations for Montreal and the sector.

A quote from:Ray-Mont Company

In the quote attributed to CEO Charles Raymond, we can read what he wants Reassure citizens And development A respectable large-scale project that addresses the challenges of coexistence in this field.

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