May 23, 2022

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Seth Rosen breaks up with James Franco

Seth Rosen breaks up with James Franco

Canadian actor Seth Rosen, who accused actress Charlene Yee of turning a blind eye to allegations of sexual misconduct about James Franco in early April, said in an interview published on Sunday that he no longer wanted to work with her.

Josie LapointJosie Lapoint

“I was thinking about an interview in 2018, where I mentioned that I was going to work with James, in fact I did not and I do not plan to work with him again,” Seth Rosen explained to the newspaper. Sunday Times.

Seth Rogan emphasized that he “despised” all forms of sexual misconduct. “I can not cover up or hide the actions they take or leave anyone around this kind of person knowing.”

Two friends, we saw in blockbuster comedies Pineapple Express, Have been working together regularly for 20 years. Seth Rosen claims that the allegations have had an impact on the bond that unites them.

“I do not know to what extent I define our friendship, but I can tell you that it has changed a lot of things in our relationship.”

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