May 28, 2022

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Biden confronts Republicans under Trump

Biden confronts Republicans under Trump

(Washington) It multiplies meetings with its rivals: at the White House, via video, or on the airport’s tormak.

Sebastian Smith
France Media Agency

His intentions – and political calculations anyway – are in line with US President Joe Biden.

He is standing behind Donald Trump against the Republican Party and adopting his conspiracy theories, saying that the Democrat is not the legitimate president.

Photo by Andrew Hornick, Archives Associated Press

President Joe Biden is opposed to the Republican Party standing behind Donald Trump and adopting his conspiracy theories, including saying that the Democrat is not the legitimate president.

“This is truly unprecedented,” said Capri Caparro, a teacher at an American university and a former Democrat elected from Ohio.

“In modern history, it’s hard to think of a scene that comes close to this.”

Throughout the week, Joe Biden, who wants Congress to send out its massive investment plans, will raise calls for unity.

On Tuesday, he will meet through governors of Interposed Screens from both sides.

On Wednesday he welcomed four congressional leaders to the White House: Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Democratic Speaker of the Senate, Kevin McCarthy, Republican leader, and leader Mitch McConnell in the Senate.

“Working together and having a recognizable exchange on how to provide accurate answers to the challenges facing American families,” a White House official said.

Joe Biden will address party officials who believe 55% of supporters (according to the latest Reuters / Ipsos poll) believe that Donald Trump’s defeat in November was the result of a tough election.

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The fact that there is no evidence to support these allegations does not change anything: calling Biden a “big lie” is an integral part of the Republican discourse.

Joe Biden himself felt that things would be different after Donald Trump left Washington.

“You see, many of my Republican friends have a sudden revelation,” he said.

“Cult of Dangerous Personality”

But from his luxury club in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, the real estate mogul remains the central and dreaded figure of the “Grand Old Party”.

To make it clear that the election is not tough, for an elected Republican, is to expose himself to his anger. And, with the game of primaries, there is a risk of losing the party nomination at the next deadline.

Condemning “dangerous and anti-democratic personality worship”, Liz Cheney, one of the few MPs from her party, will lose her third Republican seat in the House of Representatives on Wednesday.

Kevin McCarthy is one of four tenants to be received Wednesday at the Oval Office – who will be responsible for this public punishment.

The revenge of the former president and the conspiracy theories on the November 3 ballot will not go away, the only obstacles facing Joe Biden’s desire to “bring America together.” He should also organize his own party.

Within the first three months of his mandate, he was able to maintain the unity of the Democratic family in the face of a pandemic favorable to the Holy Union.

As negotiations over his plans for a massive investment of over $ 4000 billion intensify, tensions become apparent.

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Some Democratic senators with a centrist profile, such as Joe Munchin, have already expressed reservations. Second, he has considerable debate power, with Democrats knowing there will no longer be a majority if he resigns, Joe Biden received Monday.

In the medium term, the 2022 midterm elections, which will increase the appetite of Republicans who dream of regaining control of the House and Senate, will not help matters.

The White House tirelessly highlights Joe Biden’s long experience.

“There are very few people in Washington who have as much experience as Joe Biden,” Capri Caffaro adds.

But there is nothing to confirm that his 36 years in the Senate will allow him to emerge as the “unifier” of this distinctive order in American political history.