May 18, 2022

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COVID-19: Quebec is smiling (or almost) in the Red Zone

COVID-19: Quebec is smiling (or almost) in the Red Zone

Closure 40 days. Many traders in Quebec and Lewis were able to reopen their doors as another long crossing of the desert ended yesterday, lifting emergency measures in the area. Newspaper Have the opportunity to meet founders and happy customers.

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“For people my age, confinement can lead to a lot of isolation, but in general, as a social being, we need others. Every little step moves us forward. Vaccination helps us a lot,” said Gary Melancon, 77, of Galleries de la Capital. Met at.

This resumption was made possible by a number of great improvements. The Quebec City area rose to 48 new infections yesterday from 110 daily cases just two weeks ago. 134 to 65 dropped by half at the hospital during the same period.

And the final way, the light at the end of the vaccine activity tunnel is also progressing. Within 24 hours of accessing the appointment slots, 50% of people aged 30 to 34 in Quebec had made their appointment or had already been vaccinated. At Capitol-National‌, 44.5% of the population has been vaccinated so far, while 43% of Chowder-Appalaches have received the first dose.

“It simply came to our notice then For courage “

Limited to 1Is In April, Quebec citizens, like Sabrina Bergeron, bought unwanted items by reopening stores yesterday.

“With the epidemic, we realized we were buying a lot of things that were not needed [avant]. The closing of the shops did not bother me much, but I am still happy to be able to buy small items to celebrate the holiday. It would be nice to get back to a more normal life. Even if all the activities are not allowed yet and the shopping centers are open, we agree that it is good for courage, ”she said at the exit of the galleries. Capital. (DT)

The nail is heavy for application (Bojan)

Newspaper He also visited half a dozen nail salons in Quebec yesterday. No one was able to speak to us as they faced heavy traffic due to the resumption of their business by the summer. They are all too busy running left and right to serve eagerly awaited clients like Caro-Lynn Smith. (JB)

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Fear of another closure

Sandra Walling and Guy Desjardins of Quebec want this deconstruction to be final. “Opening stores is a good thing, it brings us back to normal life. We hope it will be for the better this time. We know it will take a few more months for things to get back to normal, but we need to encourage each other. In stores, they are very careful,” Mr Desjardins said.

“We’m afraid it’s going to close again. Morally, it’s depressing. We’re happy, but we can say to ourselves: Is there anyone in the show who walks without masks? Good weather is coming. That fear will always be there,” he said.To me Walling.

“I, by opening gradually, have noticed that the government is going there carefully,” his spouse said. (DT)

True socialization therapy

According to hairdressers, despite many closures over the past year, most customers remain loyal. Very few minority clients, especially men, have decided to do their own hair or have their partner finish their hair.

For Sarah Comeau (To the left), The first impression director of the Divas Institute, not only because of the quality of the cut. Hairdressers sometimes play the role of therapist. “There was a client who told our beautician that she was very moved, that she was the only person she had touched for many months. [les clients] Come see us, especially in times of epidemic, it allows them to socialize and clear their heads. ”(JB)

Expect more than a month

Owners of hairdressers and beauty salons have been spending their day on the phone since it was announced last week that Quebec was traveling in the “regular” red zone. One way is to re-contact people whose appointment was terminated during detention, but also to make new ones.

“The waiting time on the phone this morning is about 20 minutes,” said Karen Couture, co-owner of the Estేe C-Q-Nows style salon between the two calls. Newspaper Unable to get line for almost 30 minutes yesterday morning. And as in M’s salonsTo me Kocher, the deadline to get an appointment with some hairdressers has been extended to a month and a half at the Diwas Institute. (JB)

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Ready for summer

Hairdressers have noticed that traffic is very important for this reopening as summer approaches. People who are doing telecommuting and do not need to style their hair plan to go out a little more. “The guys who came to see us wanted a haircut Fresh For the summer. They expect restaurants, terraces and bars to reopen soon, which will have an impact on lounges, ”explains ID Jirakhi.On the right), Co-owner of Barber Shop Le Central with Maxim Dumont (To the left).

This is exactly the case with Annette Allard, who had her hair cut at the salon Do we do your hair? After trying her own hair, for the first time in several weeks. “It simply did not happen! She smiles. In the winter, it hurt me less, I didn’t go out, I couldn’t see anyone and had a toke in my head. With summer coming, tell me I can’t wait for the shows to start again! ”(JB)

Long before the stores open

When the stores open at 10am on Monday, there are already rows of customers at the Galleries de la Capitale. “We are really ready. Since the announcement of the opening, traders have all been preparing to release summer goods. Customers are happy and so are employees. This is good for everyone, ”said Lawrence Hamel, who works in a clothing store for young people.

Dozens of bargain hunters lined up in front of the Winners Store in LeBronough yesterday morningPhoto).

“It simply came to our notice then. I have had small needs to fill in the last few weeks. We are positive. I waited ten minutes outside. There is good rolling inside. I bought some clothes for the summer. I can tell you it’s not necessary, ”said Maude Picard of Quebec at the Winners Store exit with a smile. (DT)

Hairdressing, essential service

Customers and employees of the hair salon took advantage of this visit Journal Denying that the area was not considered urgent, as it is now in France. We also stressed some of the inequalities that are needed, such as the right to burn dairies and remain open.

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«[Les coiffeurs] Need as much as you can to go grocery shopping. You can’t do everything alone and some people need to work well, ”says Annette Allard (photo), a client of the Estate-C-C Toy Style salon. (JB)

Thank the Prime Minister for going fishing

Patrick Saucy and Jarrod Beland were very happy to fish after stopping at Latulippe. “Thank you Legalt for allowing us to go fishing!” Seriously, it feels good. We arrived last week, but we could not buy a fishing rod. We’re back today. There it is for us! ”Jarrod Beland (On the right) Construction of D’Imper Solutions.

“We are happy to be able to go to the shops to buy our fishing and hunting equipment. Today is our first trip. [lundi]. We are going on the Jacques-Cartier River. We ended up early, ”said Mr. Sousi.To the left), A colleague and friend of Mr. Beland’s.

At the Latulippe store in Quebec, customers were also there when the doors opened.

“Fishing, outdoor, shoes, hiking, these are the busy areas. People are getting ready for the summer holidays. They have a fever. All the departments are open and all the consultants are back to work, ”said Lucas Coulombay, store manager in Quebec. (DT)

Prepare yourself to work in costume

To stay on his farm, Pascal Grenier, from Quebec, decided to go and work as a chef at the itter Tightiter‌, north of La Tucson, at the Goin Reservoir.

“There I came to buy clothes to go into the woods. In one outfit, you will not work in the kitchen. You set up the fish, you drive, but my main job is to cook. This is a new adventure that is about to begin. ”

“It’s very difficult for us in the restaurant business. We really tasted it. I have no choice but to work 40 hours and earn a good salary. Right now, I do it one day a week. Take-out. It is not enough when you have children and a house to pay for. ”(DT)

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