May 24, 2022

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Sick Professor Axel Cohn has quit the league against cancer

Sick Professor Axel Cohn has quit the league against cancer

The Anti-Cancer League announced on Tuesday, May 11, that its president, Professor Axel Cohn, had “recently been diagnosed with advanced cancer” and had decided to defend himself. Resigned from his duties, But continue to protect patients.

“As president of the league, I have not lost a serious illness She was waiting for me in turn, Launched a massive attack, “he wrote in a preface to his book, written and unpublished in August 2020. And the best of all, In bookstores from March 10th. His condition worsened, Geneticist And the 76-year-old columnist, pointed it outHe “mobilizes for sick peopleas much as possible for s and La Ligue “.

Professor Kahn “It simply came to our notice then Look for the best benefits for sick people With cancer, in terms of their rights, respect for their dignity and, in these epidemic times, treating these people as the most serious spectators protected from cancer “, we read in a press release from Cancer Against Cancer, which addsAn interim president is appointed In the coming weeks.

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