May 19, 2022

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Valerie Plante condemned the lack of Quebec representation at CH

Valerie Plante condemned the lack of Quebec representation at CH

Montreal’s Meyers, Valerie Plante, believes the Canadian should work harder to include players from here on out in his formation.

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Ms Plante made her comment via social media on Tuesday morning, the day after the Hobbs game against the Edmonton Oilers. She noted that this was the first meeting in the 112-year history of the Blue-Blanc-Rouge where not a single hockey player from the province was in his workforce.

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“There are a lot of talented young Cuban players and Montrealists hoping to play in the NHL [Ligue nationale de hockey]. An CanadiansMTL have to go the extra mile to get them. For their audience. For a French-speaking metropolis, ”the mayor wrote on his Twitter account.

Beginning on January 19, 1910, the Canadians’ 6918th regular season ended with a game with at least one skater from Quebec. On Saturday, head coach Dominic Ducharm used Alex Belgile, which extended the series, but fired him in favor of Paul Byron on Monday.

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