June 7, 2023

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Martin O’Leary tries to get back into politics

Martin O'Leary tries to get back into politics

Three years after leaving politics, former Black Cubacos leader Martin O’Leary announced today that she was returning, forming a new provincial party.

Another separatist structure is included in the political spectrum in Quebec. According to information obtained by TVA Novelles, an official announcement is expected this morning.

The new political party has an ambitious goal of fielding 125 candidates in the upcoming regional elections in 2022.

According to our sources, the formation of Martin Ovalet raises environmental issues to stand out in the regional political landscape.

Last night, Mrs. O’Leary’s team indicated that they would make a major announcement that would be posted on the politicians’ Facebook page today.

Many testimonials of support, including the support of artists and environmental activists, need to be specially unveiled.

Martin Oulette withdrew from Black Cubacos in June 2018, after losing a vote of confidence.

Now his attitude towards the head of the Yves-Franకోois Blanchett-led team lasted just over a year.

He was marked with strong internal tensions. In February 2018, seven out of the ten elected members of the Bloc left the party caucus dissatisfied with the work of Mrs. O’Leary.


Prior to this existence at the federal level, Martin Ovalet sat for many years as a member of the regional scene.

Elected in 2010 under the Party Cubacois (PQ) banner in Wachan constituency, she was Minister of Natural Resources in the Pauline Morois government between 2012 and 2014.

When she had visions of black leadership, in March 2017 she left the PQ Caucus and had to sit independently in the National Assembly.

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Martin Oellet, an engineer by training, has long held a management position at Hydro-Quebec.