December 4, 2022

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84,000 Quebecars have downloaded their digital vaccine proof

84,000 Quebecars have downloaded their digital vaccine proof

Vaccinated citizens, see your emails. Approximately 84,000 Quebecars have already downloaded their digital proof vaccine proof in QR code form.

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As of yesterday, people vaccinating for COVID-19 received an email on their phone asking for proof of vaccination.

According to a recent update from the Ministry of Health, 210,000 citizens have received anonymous email and 84,000 of them have already downloaded it.

People who have been vaccinated in the last days, weeks or months will eventually receive their digital proof as well.

“From now on most people who get vaccinated will receive the QR code and download it. For other people who have it [déjà] Vaccination will be done regularly over the next few weeks, ”said Marjorie Cote-Boilou, spokesman for the health ministry.

She invites Quebeckers to check their junk mailbox if their digital vaccine proof is sent there.

When citizens receive their second dose of serum, an update of their QR code will be sent to them.

The powers associated with the proof of this vaccine are not yet known. “We are still awaiting suggestions from public health to find out what the situation is regarding the potential use of electronic evidence,” M points out.To me Kote-Boilou.

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