May 29, 2022

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Talking about ancestry is far from a scandal

Talking about ancestry is far from a scandal

Act 96, at a press conference on Thursday, was not the only bad joke made by Franకోois Legalt on the illegal-21 singer.

A friend (who really exists, I am caught) said to the Prime Minister: “We are indebted to our ancestors. And our language, as well, is at the heart of who we are as a nation. So, be proud of this beautiful story. “

My friend who focused on “defense” found the focus very “defensive”: “This is the bill of the beautiful stories of the countries above!”


Criticism seems excessive to me. At least some part.

First, inspiring ancestry is not a scandal. In our intensified modernist era, our hypermodernity believes that it is completely superior to its predecessors, inspires the past, not denies it, but finds a filing in it, there is a ji ne chois of protest.

Because every human being needs to be uninterrupted. Contrary to what we may think, it thrills many young people who understand that we were born into a world older than us.

Ernest Renan wrote in 1882 in “What is a Country” – somewhat lyrical – that it “absorbs the oses of the past”, but “it is abstracted from the present.” By a clear fact: consent, a clearly expressed desire to continue living together. Existence […] Daily referendum. “


I agree one thing to my friend. Bill 101, which strengthens Bill 96 with the aim of racistizing the French language in Quebec, was interested in emphasizing a crucial fact. And it was mostly successful.

With her, Rene Lowesque’s PQ wanted to “share” French with newcomers. Stop seeing this as a separate property of the CFCs (French Canadian Catholics); The Dominion sends us back. The tongue is not a genetic trait. It is learned, lost.

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Emphasize that in the defense of Franకోois Legalt, his “call” to unite for the French began with “for all Cubans, regardless of generation, no matter where they came from, no matter what their origins, when they came here.”

In 1998, I translated a text by Will Kimlika, a Canadian expert on multiculturalism, who defended the Quebec project, which was the heart of Bill 101 – never seen in the context of his myopic critics abroad. As a desire to retreat.

“Without trying to preserve any kind of racial purity, Quebec nationalists actively seek to unite people of other races, cultures and faiths, to marry them and to help them build a modern, plural, diverse (Francophone) society in Quebec.”

French as a melting pot. Is it still possible? Can Canada accept this? However, it seems to me that Bill 96 is talking about the famous referendum Renault. And the Legalt government would be interested in bringing this matter to the fore.