December 1, 2023

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Two hospitals in Chowder-Appalachచs are linked to the May 1 show

Two hospitals in Chowder-Appalachచs are linked to the May 1 show

An eight-bus procession marched from the Capitol-National and Chowder-Appalaches area to bring sanitation rivals to a rally in Montreal.

Shortly after the incident, Chowdhury-Appalachian Public Health targeted 48 people leaving Lewis in two buses and called for a screening.

At the time, a man with the CISSS de Chowder-Appalaches COVID-19 was concerned that he was involved in the expedition.

Two weeks later, Dr. Liliana Romero, director of Chowder-Appalach అప్పs Public Health, confirms that the move to the program is linked to at least five infections and two hospitals in the area.

There is still little cooperation between the people involved in identifying the efforts.

We reiterate the importance of cooperation in research to protect other citizens and prevent outbreaks., Highlights public health in an email.

Encourages review

The Chowder-Appalachs region set a record for the week with 77 new infections on Saturday. Unfortunately both deaths are depressing.

The hospital has seen a slight increase in recent days, reaching 34 on Saturday.

Over the past seven days, the average number of new daily cases in Chowder-Appalachs has been 92.

The week before, that average was 115.

In Capitol-National, public health on Saturday identified 46 new cases and no deaths.

A total of 24 people were hospitalized and two people left intensive care in the last 24 hours.

With information from Mary-Peer Mercier

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