February 23, 2024

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Clermont and Akim Zedadka are in League 1 of the regular squad this season

Clermont and Akim Zedadka are in League 1 of the regular squad this season

In the favorable amnesty on the morning of the 38th day of Ligu 2BKT, Clarmont and Akim Zedadka symbolically made their rise in Ligu1 Uber Eats‌ despite losing (2-1) to SM Kane.

Founded in 1984, Clermont Foot 63 finally finished second behind champion Troyes after the successful season of French football’s elite 2020/2021 for the first time in history. Continuing in League 2 BKT since the 2007/2008 season, Auvergne has been one of the major clubs of the Antechamber of French football over the seasons. A regularity, which allowed it to occupy the tops for years under Mitchell Derr’s orders. Zakarian (5th in 2012) and current coach Pascal Gastian (6th in 2018, 5th in 2020).

The Auvergne Club, which was bought by Swiss businessman Ahmed Schaefer in March 2019, has taken on a new dimension of football “compounding” strategy with close ties between the two teams in the Austrian and Danish second division. Jerome Champagne, an influential member of Blatter Governance at FIFA, advised that Clermont Foot has established several international partnerships over the past two years, including one signed in April 2019, including JS Kabili. This partnership is related to many areas of skill. Are committed to the organization of training, scouting and tournaments and cooperation such as a friendly match between the two teams.

The idea of ​​the game focused on offensive and decisive Zedadka

On the field, Pascal Gastian’s players showed themselves in the eyes of Ligue 2 observers as one of the most attractive teams in their organization. A postulate described by their 22 points in the possible 30 against the top 6 teams. The Aurghnots are the third best attacking champions in the Championship this season, scoring 61 goals, behind Toulouse and Axere, with only 25 goals from the best defense in the Championship.

A key element of the Clermont team, Akim Jedadka remains one of the architects of this rise in Ligu1, thanks to his performances that earned him a place in the 11-season season unveiled by the UNFP yesterday. During the match against Kane, the player trained under the RC lens and came to the club in the summer of 2019, not hiding his emotion, at the microphone of BeanSports, recalling the galleys he knew before coming to this historic show: ” I shed a few tears on the pitch, which was inexplicable. I am unemployed, I made some appointments at Pele employee. BTS gave me a chance to resume my studies, but I never thanked my relatives for their support. Thanks to Clermont Foot for trusting me, I can’t thank them enough .

Founded 33 times and played 35 games, the 26-year-old right-back could find Ligu 2 Uber Eats in favor of an upcoming contract extension. Greens coach Jamel Belmadi’s summons to the national team is a beautiful story that will soon follow.


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