February 22, 2024

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Giants Gaming was gradually eliminated

Giants Gaming was gradually eliminated

The day after CYCLOPS exited the Six Invitational, it was the Giants’ pack-up that brought the dead to two in the Asia-Pacific region at the end of the group stage of the World Championships.

This Sunday the suspense is at its height and the group stage lasts until the last moment. True, Table B testified to the tie at the bottom of the table between Sportstation Gaming and Giants Gaming; Both teams had to win their last match that day and their fate would depend on the outcome of their opponent meeting.

The Americans were heavily defeated by Nip, but the Giants were also defeated by Oxygen Sports. Thus, the SSG came close to removing this Six invitation from the group stage, but it was the Singaporeans who were sent home this Sunday morning.

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Team Solomid won Group B, with the Achieved North American team finishing first in their Group Standings despite starting in diesel mode. The Brazilian team that excelled in this group was MIBR, followed by Pajamas and Ninjas in Oxygen Sports ఎస్, two squads with mixed results at the end of this group stage.

The last three positions in the rankings are occupied by Mkers, Parabellum and Spacestation. Gemini and Company were not satisfied with their stunning progress in the European qualifiers, as they also played Spoilsport in the group stage, especially the winners against TSM and SpaceStation. The Canadians of Parabellum also caused a sensation; They surprised more than one of their rivals in Group B, from NiP to SSG to Giants and like Mkers, in the bottom bracket‌. Finally, although they worked hard and watched the elimination very closely, the Canadian men provided what they needed and will be part of the playoffs from this Wednesday.

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Find out all the results of the group stage, but also find all the information related to Six Invitational‌ on our regular adaptation of the Rainbow Six World Championship. Now it’s time to turn to the playoffsఆ of the competition. Mondays and Tuesdays will be off, with the kickoff of Major King’s eliminator phase starting this Wednesday at 11:00 stroke. Which team do you think will lift the Legendary Six Invitational Trophy on Sunday night?

Tournament tree

The end The winner
Team oNe eSports
SpaceStation Gaming
The end The winner
G2 Sports
Parabellum Sports
The end The winner
Dark Zero Sports
Furia Sports
The end The winner
Cloud 9

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