March 21, 2023

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The road network plan for the Quebec area was unveiled on Monday

The road network plan for the Quebec area was unveiled on Monday

The Legalt government will present its master plan on Monday for the development of a transportation network to the Quebec City area. Historical statement, but still not unanimous.

A lot of information is circulating regarding the route and costs of the tunnel. On the other hand, in the opinion of some experts, this third link does not necessarily reduce congestion.

“The argument for reducing congestion does not contain water. In all urban areas where this type of technology has been tried, increasing the congestion-reducing motorway will always have the opposite effect,” said Mary-Helen Wandersmissen, director of the Department of Geography from Laval.

“My students created a very interesting map showing all the origins and destinations of trips or work trips, and in both cases, we see that Quebec Lewis is not a destination,” explained Dominic Villeneuve, assistant professor of transport and mobility. Laval University.

Environmental factor

The third link brings the environmental discussion back to the table. Dominic Villeneuve believes that greener options should be encouraged rather than favored by motorists.

“It may help them, but why? Why should we favor them? If we want consistent consciousness, we must reduce our distance!”

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