January 27, 2023

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NHL Playoffs: Hurricanes take on Predators in Game 1 of Round 1

NHL Playoffs: Hurricanes take on Predators in Game 1 of Round 1

Summary: Predators 2 – Hurricanes 4 (3rd season)

Raleigh, NC – The Carolina Hurricanes have grown from a team that missed out on the playoffs for almost 10 years to a division champion team with playoff experience.

Their first round series against the Nashville Predators gives them a chance to increase their pace, but it could also be the first real failure of their rise over the past three seasons.

Both teams begin their showdown on Monday and the Hurricanes favorites will start after finishing first in the Central Division for the first time since winning the Stanley Cup 15 years ago.

Philip Force‌berg broke the ice in the first period. After playing the puck in attacking the territory, he welcomed Ryan Johansen pass and went into the net to score.

However, Keynes responded less than a minute later to the Tuevo Terrainen who deflected a shot from Brad Pesse.

In 4 situations against 4 in the second period, Cannes won a crucial encounter and got a chance to score for captain Jordan Stall.

Then Eric Howla went 2-2.

Nino Needer Writer restored the lead to Carolina at 2:26 to go into the third period.

Stall returned 4-2 with his second game.

Goalkeeper Alex Nedeljkovic was ahead of the Hurricanes cage in the first game. The 25-year-old Nadelzhkovic has averaged 1.90 goals in 23 games this season and a 15-5-3 save rate of .932.

However, Cedric Pockett did not. Quebecar has lost his last six games.

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Absent from April 27, Victor Arvidson will return to the game for Nashville.

Cannes reached the Eastern Conference Final two years ago, their first playoff appearance since 2009. Last year, they won their duel in a qualifying round due to the COVID pandemic-19.

This is the first time the team has reached the playoffs in three consecutive seasons since moving to North Carolina in 1997.

Meanwhile, the Predators have reached the playoffs for the seventh season in a row. They lost in the 2017 Stanley Cup Final.

This season, the team qualified for the spring tournament with a 20-game winning streak in their last 28 games. At the end of February, Predators were ranked 28th overall in the NHL standings.

The Hurricanes have won the first six games between the two teams this season, but the Predators have missed out on victory in the last two encounters.

Forceberg opens the brand in a beautiful way

Overview of the series in the Central section