May 18, 2022

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Martin Matte, Influencer? | The Journal of Montreal

Martin Matte, Influencer?  |  The Journal of Montreal

I know Martin Matteo, Recipient of the Artis Male Personality of the Year Award, An important, influential and powerful person. But I do not know if he is capable of throwing himself around the government.

No, I’m just kidding. I can not believe for a second that the comedian was due to a text he wrote on Facebook on Saturday. Franకోois Legalt called a press conference at 5pm yesterday.

Speaking of Martin Matteo, it’s very funny to see how there are people who believe there is a red phone ringing in the office of Franois Legalt …

Chronicle of the announced AD

I started laughing when I read on the account of Quebec Conservative Party leader Eric Duheim: “When a government imposes a curfew and justifies it by a poll, it takes the public departure of a famous comedian so the wind changes and two hours later, the Legalt government announces a press conference, Tuesday evening at 5 p.m., to submit a deconstruction plan ”.

Uh … the government announced to us in a few days that the decontamination plan would come in a few days!

I also started laughing when I read columnist and columnist Jerome Blanchett-Gravel: “I have always loved Martin Matte, but when a society needs a comedian to receive an electric shock, and perhaps putting weight on his government direction means a little depth, if not a lot of depth. “

No, but folks, do you really believe that the Franకోois Legalt team is scrutinizing Martin Matteo’s Facebook account to find out what the Quebeckers think?

Do you think the government needs Martin Matte to realize that most of the Quebeckers say we can picnic for twelve hours in a park, but it’s absurd that we can not eat at four on the terrace? You think Franకోois Legalt‌ needs Martin Matte’s “electroshock”, that the population line is at the end, tired, frustrated, overwhelmed, tired, slammed, disgusted.

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Do you think the Legal government relies more on Martin Matte than on vaccine statistics?

Do you think Martin Matteo is too powerful to set the Quebec premiere agenda?

Sadly, so tell us that Martin Matte is going to inject the 5G chip into the vaccines, rebellion!

Columnists, cartoonists and hosts have been complaining of suffocation for some time.

Contractions, teachers, athletes, artists we want to suck up the population.

Will the Legalt government listen only when Martin Matte says so?

Dear friends, I’m sorry to have your balloon blown away, but if Martin Matte really wanted to use his “influence power” on the government, you would not think he would have made a hard-hitting exit when he was at the Artis Gala. The two million audience hanging from the microphone in front of him and his lips?

Hey there! As someone else said.