July 4, 2022

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Chris Cuomo and CNN repeat the same mistakes

Chris Cuomo and CNN repeat the same mistakes

In the past, I have already written a few posts about New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and his brother Chris who is the star of the CNN channel. In almost every case I have emphasized my discomfort with the bonds that connect the two.

I am not opposed to brotherly love, because brothers benefit from each other’s power and notoriety. Already the media and politicians have not been adequately criticized. It is very difficult to maintain public confidence or the illusion of integrity when you keep an eye on what is happening right now.

You probably have to remember that the eldest of the two brothers, Governor Andrew Cuomo, openly stated that he was controversial for handling the epidemic and, most importantly, that many women sexually abused him.

The whole thing is serious as the man who is already considered a replacement for Joe Biden as the presidential candidate is facing the end of his political career. At the moment, we know he wants to complete his term, but in 2022 rumors are circulating about his candidacy.

I believe the star host and the channel have learned their lesson after CNN’s decision to conduct interviews with Chris at the beginning of the epidemic had already been condemned. Regardless of the motives or the simple probabilities of those little TV moments, the two brothers have been popular with each other to improve ratings or polls.

Andrew Cuomo

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Andrew Cuomo

CNN responded late, as it is now doing to new controversies. Today we learn that Chris Cuomo advised his brother on the attitude he would follow to get out of the crisis if he did not address the allegations of harassment against his brother in his show just for the sake of objectivity. He would have done it many times. It is already reprehensible for a journalist to advise an active politician that the fact that they are two members of the same family is even more distressing.

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Chris advised his brother to react strongly, to reject severely, and not to be influenced by what he sees as the “culture of abolition”, the collapse of the culture of exile. At the very least, Chris is outspoken in suggesting a strategy and expression for his brother, who has been criticized for abusing Republicans on his evening show.

CNN officials now claim that Chris Cuomo made a mistake and will not repeat it. In the same statement, however, he stated that he could not obtain permission. However, as the episodes repeat and cross the sponge, the channel falls into the hands of its critics and opponents. Above all, its leaders give the impression that morality is secondary or that impartiality does not top its quality standards.

I will never hesitate to address issues such as misinformation or the propaganda nature of some media, but as I am commenting here we should also intervene when deviations occur. In the case of the Cuomo brothers, all indicators have been red for a long time and despite this, we still sinned with sensitivity. Then it is very difficult.