June 30, 2022

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Lance Stroll Ferrari leads Monaco in 13th place

Lance Stroll Ferrari leads Monaco in 13th place

Charles Leclerc completed only four laps when his gearbox failed in the first free practice session, forcing him to return to the garage and missing the rest of the session.

He held on well in the second, setting the best time in soft tires at 1 minute 11s 684/1000 in the 42nd minute.

On a track heated to 50 degrees on the torque level, Monegask was able to overtake his teammate Carlos Science Jr., who was the fastest (in soft tires) so far.

Leclerc wants to make a good impression this time around after retiring two of his first appearances at the Monaco Grand Prix.

In 2019 he Started and dropped from 16th on the grid After buying ision.

Two years ago we made a mistake as a team in qualifying, so it is important here to do good to Charles, Italian team boss Matia Binoto told AFP.

Ferrari’s primary goal in Monte Carlo is to qualify for the first two rows of the grid.

The Ferrari duo defeated title rivals Louis Hamilton (+0.390) and Max Verstappen (+0.397). Only 7,000 per second separated them on Thursday.

Hamilton says the Ferrari is in great shape. This means more competition. We have homework.

I was surprised to see Ferrari progress to this stage, but it was great.

A quote from:Louis Hamilton, F1 driver (Mercedes Benz)

At Mercedes-Benz, it feels very comfortable on the rock, Britain has its time on medium-hard tires, so Saturday will be one of the soft tires to look out for. The Dutchman in the Red Bull recorded his time in soft tires.

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I liked to be fast, but the second session was a bit tricky, Verstappen said. Since traffic is a real issue here, we need to take advantage of every lap to get the most out of our setup. However, sector-wise we do not have the best times. I’m not very comfortable in the car yet.

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Lance stroll behind his Aston Martin wheel on the streets of Monte-Carlo

Photo: Getty Images / Andrzej Isakovic

Vettel is a mission

After moving into this season, Sebastian Vettel wants to do better than his teammate Lance Stroll.

The mission in Monte-Carlo was fulfilled on Thursday. Germany beat Kubeser in two sessions. He finished 10th in both sessions, 1: 12.982 (+1.298) on soft tires for the second time.

Vettel said everyone was happy to be back in Monaco. I found my rhythm very quickly, but it was tight in the middle of the pack. To get a good position on the grid you have to be perfect throughout Saturday and avoid traffic. I am happy with this first day.

What a joy to be back in Monaco! Hitting the rails was a lot of fun, Stroll said. There is a lot of traffic, and finding the space needed to achieve a good lap is not so easy. We should take advantage of Friday to analyze the data with engineers to make progress.

Nicolas Latifi of Toronto toured extensively on Thursday. He completed 72 laps (41 + 31) and finished the day 17: 1, 1: 13.593 (+1.909).

Latifi said this was the first time I had ever driven in a F1 in Monte Carlo. It really goes faster than F2 and the cars are wider. You need to improve the car balance, but I’m fine from lap to lap. I am very happy with my progress.

Mick Schumacher, the main victim of the second free practice session, hit the train while boarding the Masnet with 7 minutes left.

In addition to having a flat tire, on the right, the German damaged his Haas suspension. He had to bring his car to a stop at the edge of the track, and the race director pulled out the red flag, which he later checked, because there were debris on the track.

Schumacher recorded for the 19th time (+2.732).

Teams missed out on last minute work and simple opening simulations on the track.

The ranking may be different if they make a final attempt, but do not diminish the pleasure of typhus. Ferrari has rarely dominated the practice session in recent years.

The third free practice session will take place on Saturday at 6am (EDT).

2nd Free Trial Session Results:

  1. Charles Lecklerk (MON / Ferrari) 1: 11.684 (30 laps)
  2. Carlos Science Files (ESP / Ferrari) 1: 11,796 (32)
  3. Louis Hamilton (GBR / Mercedes Benz) 1: 12,074 (28)
  4. Max Verstappen (NED / Red Bull-Honda) 1: 12,081 (27)
  5. Valtteri Bottas (FIN / Mercedes-Benz) 1: 12,107 (32)
  6. Lando Norris (GBR / McLaren-Mercedes Benz) 1: 12,379 (24)
  7. Pierre Gasley (FRA / AlphaTauri-Honda) 1: 12,498 (28)
  8. Sergio Perez (MEX / Red Bull-Honda) 1: 12,708 (24)
  9. Antonio Giovinazzi (ITI / Alfa Romeo-Saber-Ferrari) 1: 12,746 (28)
  10. Sebastian Vettel (GER / Aston Martin-Mercedes Benz) 1: 12,982 (26)
  11. Kimi Raikkonen (FIN / Alfa Romeo-Saber-Ferrari) 1: 13,065 (31)
  12. Fernando Alonso (ESP / Alpine-Renault) 1: 13,175 (27)
  13. Lance Stroll (CAN / Aston Martin-Mercedes Benz) 1: 13,195 (26)
  14. Esteban Ocon (FRA / Alpine-Renault) 1: 13,199 (28)
  15. Daniel Ricciardo (AUS / McLaren-Mercedes Benz) 1: 13.257 (26)
  16. George Russell (GBR / Williams-Mercedes Benz) 1: 13,509 (31)
  17. Nicholas Latifi (CAN / Williams-Mercedes Benz) 1: 13,593 (31)
  18. Nikita Majepin (RUS / Has-Ferrari) 1: 14,407 (26)
  19. Mick Schumacher (GER / Has-Ferrari) 1: 14.416 (25)
  20. Yuki Sotaka (JPN / Alfatouri-Honda) 1: 14,829 (11)
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