May 29, 2022

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Do we really believe in our horoscope?

Do we really believe in our horoscope?

Although many newspapers and magazines offer horoscopes, not everyone reads them. 28 to 41% of French people, according to surveys, believe in the interpretation of a person’s character through astrology. If women were in the majority, more men also began to believe it.

Do you really believe in your horoscope?

While astrology is a science for many, its impact on day-to-day decisions is still minimal. For the most part, trusting his horoscope and thinking he can tell the truth has no effect.

However, depending on the needs and life events, especially the change of year, career choices, birthdays or crisis times, the horoscope is more important in decision making. Through his kind and reassuring words, they evoke and reduce feelings of uncertainty.

It pushes us to choose information that we desire to believe

When we think of a person we can know through their astrological sign, it allows us to think about how they can react. In the same way as horoscope predictions, if one of them is true, even if it is not successful, it will forget the ones that are not true.

This diagnosis is biased especially when it comes to astrology and encourages people who want to believe in it to go along with their beliefs. In addition, horoscopes or clairvoyants have general speech, which is subject to interpretation and synthesis.

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