November 27, 2022

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Construction strike: Everything is on the table, Minister Boulette stated

Construction strike: Everything is on the table, Minister Boulette stated

Nearly 200,000 construction workers will call a general strike in the next few hours if collective bargaining does not reach a consensus. But Minister Jean Boulette did not rule out special legislation.

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In order not to freeze construction sites in Quebec, the Alliance Syndicate de la Construction proposed to postpone the discussion on the use of the mobile application to record workers’ working hours, a major controversy in these discussions.

In light of the negotiations between shareholders in recent days, Labor Minister Jean Boulette is hopeful the strike will be averted.

“There is a will and a deep will to find common ground. I believe the parties have the full potential to come to an understanding and resolve collective agreements,” he said in an interview with LCN.

Despite everything, the minister would not rule out any option, even if he had to choose a special law to limit the consequences on the economy.

“Nothing is excluded, we are in the context of economic recovery. Consider the consequences at the human level, for example housing units, housing, all those who are waiting for houses.Is July, hospitals, schools, road construction, infrastructure restoration – all depend on that sector, ”Mr Boulette said.

If a special law is passed, this will not be the first time the government has forced the hand of a worker. Quebec resorted to this method in 2013 and in 2017 when negotiations stalled.

Finally, Minister Jean Boulette did not want to comment on the use of the mobile application without interfering in the process, but said he was ready to appoint a mediator if requested by the parties.

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