May 27, 2022

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NICI recommends giving the same vaccine twice

NICI recommends giving the same vaccine twice

As the conclusion of the ongoing study is pending, the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NICI) recommends receiving the same Kovid-19 vaccine twice. [du] Possible.

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“Active monitoring of the true efficiency and safety of the mixed schedule [c’est-à-dire le mélange de deux vaccins] These recommendations are very important and may change as more evidence becomes available, ”CNNI said.

At this point, the committee recommends that the second dose be administered with a single vaccine or similar vaccine. For example, it is possible to complete a series beginning with the mRNA vaccine [comme Pfizer] By another mRNA vaccine.

“At this point, there is no reason to believe that replacing the mRNA vaccine series with another approved mRNA vaccine product will result in additional safety issues or adequate protection.”

Therefore, NACI suggests taking Moderna instead of Pfizer-Bioentech, or vice versa.

“It’s not recommended against, it’s just not recommended: it’s different,” insisted Carolyn Kwach-Tanh, a pediatric microbiologist-infectiologist at CHU St. Justin.

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When it comes to viral vector vaccines, like Astrogenica and Johnson & Johnson, it’s too early to settle. “There are no data on the interaction of viral vector vaccines against COVID-19 […] When an individual receives an estrogen dose and is unable to receive a second dose of the estrogen vaccine, the Johnson vaccine (if available) can be used as a second dose in addition to a series of vaccines, ”said Nazi.

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A virologist and professor at UQM Benoit Barbu believes that studies at present are not enough for CNNI to rule on a mixture of vaccine structures, but that will not be long in coming.

The first British study, published earlier this month, found that the estrogen-Pfizer sequence produces strong initial side effects, but works well. Expect additional data in a few weeks.

Ottawa announced Thursday that it has launched a national study examining the side effects of combining approved COVID-19 vaccines in adults. Researchers are examining the safety and effectiveness of using two different vaccines for the first and second doses.

Keep in mind that the idea behind the mixed calendar is to provide greater flexibility in the expansion of the vaccine campaign and to ensure that supply is uninterrupted.

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