May 24, 2022

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Young filmmakers inspired by an abandoned village

Young filmmakers inspired by an abandoned village

When you build a film on a low budget, access to extensive sets is not always easy, but young filmmakers from the Quebec City area have been able to overcome this problem by taking advantage of the last moments of the historic village. Large American series.

Friends Thomas Dufour and William Contin found the right place for their short film Black powder, Whose scene takes place on the 19thE Century.

“Black powder is the story of four guys who are sent to another village. To do this, they have to cross a forest. These are four guys who don’t know each other, so the chemistry is so negative, then it all ends in Manhunt, ”said screenwriter Thomas Dufour.

With this perfect setting, the youngsters tried to make a movie that looked a little more like the American style. They can say a big thank you to the American product who decided to give up the extra season Barkskins.

Only by appearing on his own in this series Barkskins In 2019 William discovered the historic village built from scratch at that time.

“I loved filming there, then I remembered where the village was. Everyone on the set knew where it was. I went to the village, I knocked on the neighbors’ door to ask for land, now to whom it belongs. Considering National Geographic has not been restored for season 2. Barkskins, The village is abandoned if you wish. So, I am in touch with the landlord, ”explained the young filmmaker.

“I went to his place, I talked about the project, what we could do, if there was a chance to shoot. We were going to tear it down by June 15. They said there was nothing left.

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Project Black powder So the eight-day shoot was attended by more than 40 participants, actors, extracurriculars, technical team members and all with a budget of less than $ 2000.

The two young filmmakers are expected to tour the festivals in 2022 and unveil their film Black powder To the general public in 2023.