September 21, 2023

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Constitutional Amendment: Contrary to Justin Trudeau Simon Jolin-Barrett

Last week, Mr. Trudeau surprised more than one by declaring that Quebec had the right to be included in the constitution, unilaterally, that it was formed as a nation and that French was its official language. The Justice Department said it was relying on expert opinions.

In the days that followed, many experts quoted in the English-speaking media became anxious to see these constitutional amendments encroaching on the rights of linguistic minorities in the country, especially English-speaking Cubans.

Minister Jolyn-Barrett seemed to agree with them in a newspaper interview Destiny Published on Saturday, where he confirmed that the inclusion of Quebec and the French-speaking country in the constitution would have political as well as legal significance.

When asked about this, on Tuesday, Mr. Trudeau threw a cold shower at Mr. Jolin-Barrett’s intentions. I will not share this comment, He simply replied.

Quebec and Ottawa do not agree on the legal consequences of Bill 96.

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Mr Trudeau may come forward against the comment of Quebec Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt, saying at a press conference on Tuesday that there would be no such changes in the constitution. Not only symbolic.

We hope that these changes will give more prominence to the French in Quebec., Said Mr. Legalt in response to a journalist who questioned him about the grievances of the English-speaking press.

With a special focus on French and Anglophones in Quebec and outside of Quebec, Trudeau maintained that his government would preserve the two official languages ​​of the minority in Quebec, Canada, across the country.

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We will always be there to protect these minorities, He announced.

On the question of Quebec country, the Prime Minister continued that it is For a long time He recognizes it. It is a historical fact, a sociological fact, a daily reality and it is something that even Parliament recognizes., He added in English.

Relatively about the face

Mr. Trudeau did not always have this opinion. In October 2006, before entering politics, the then Liberal Party of Canada leadership candidate Michael Ignatieff was criticized for supporting the idea that Quebec was a nation.

Unfortunately, these days some people join in this idea of ​​a country for Quebec, which is the complete opposite of what my father believed., Then 34-year-old Mr Trudeau said in an interview with CTV Television Network.

A month later, the House of Commons approved a resolution by Prime Minister Stephen Harper recognizing that the Quebecars would form a nation in United Canada.

Almost a decade later, Prime Minister Mr Trudeau changed his mind. Speaking at a press conference in Montreal in 2016, he said he was outraged that Quebec was truly a country and that the issue was back in the news.

I can not believe we are talking about this again, He said when he was the head of the majority government.

Mr. Trudeau’s voice on the matter is now softened that his government is in the minority. The important thing for me is that people across the country are protected in their language and that is what I am going to do., He said Tuesday.

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Minister of Economic Development and Official Languages ​​Melanie Jolie must put the table The long-awaited modernization of the Official Languages ​​Act This year.

Already, Black Cubacois is concerned about Minister Jolie’s bill encroaching on Bill 101 application for all businesses in the federal jurisdiction in Quebec. Included in Bill 96 by Mr. Jolin-Barrett. The issue will be raised during question time on Tuesday.

Of course, we also protect the right to work in French and the right to serve in French, but we also protect the federal businesses in Quebec and the federal businesses in Quebec across the country from being discriminated against because of the presence of Francophone. Existence of Francophone, Mrs. Jolie replied.