March 25, 2023

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Hidden codes for the highly popular ferry

Hidden codes for the highly popular ferry

The closure of the Ol-Ox-Tortes bridge increased the popularity of the small ferry between the towns of Oka and Hudson, suggesting that road signs should be hidden. Back.

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“This morning, it’s much busier than usual, but it’s not related to Thursday and last Friday,” said Claude Desjardins, owner of Traverse Oka-Hudson. We had a two to two and a half hour wait from Hudson to board the board. Usually, when there is a lot of traffic, we talk about 40 minutes at 1:15. ”

In cases such as major accidents or significant congestion caused by roadworks, traffic will rush towards the small ferry, which has been in service since 1909.

Most vehicles

During the passage Journal In a small boat that could hold 21 cars, many motorists claimed to have taken the ferry because the bridge was closed.

This high traffic created traffic flows on Hudson streets. Sorrento du Quebec and a private company were also called in to help with traffic management.

“We were dismayed. Our road network could not handle such traffic. We are working with the Department of Transportation and have agreed to cover the signs,” said Hudson Mayor Jamie Nichols.

He opined that crossing should not be part of the solution to the problems associated with the closure of the సమస్యle-aux-Tourtes bridge.

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