May 25, 2022

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Third Pharonic and unfair link

Quebec Tunnel: 10 billion to further pollute

In politics, voters vote for promises, not victories. The Coquista government understood this well with the Quebec-Lewis tunnel.

History sometimes seems to want to repeat itself. Thus, Louis-Alexander Taschero, the Quebec Premier from 1900, 1920 to 1936, was re-elected without interruption and promised to bridge every election ten times in the Montmorensi ride.

The elect kept his promise, and the bridge of Ole-de Orleans was opened, but voters, as historian Gilles Gallichan told me, had to wait … 36 years.

Ironically, even the year the bridge opened, voters suddenly chose to show the door to Mr. Taschero. The elected official was able to enjoy a long and successful career in politics by traveling on this promise.

The other century

Beyond these observations, the main problem with the Quebec-Lewis tunnel is that, unlike the soon-to-be-replaced island bridge, its v image has never been displayed.

Since CAQ has always driven its boat according to the polls, we could not wait to reflect on the merits of the tunnel before turning it into a major project for Quebec.

However, the Coquista government may try to turn its project green by adding lanes reserved for 21 voters.E The century was not deceived. Better informed than ever, they are concerned about environmental issues, urban expansion and public fund management. However, everything in the third link is wrong.

Not surprisingly, the petition against the project collected over 25,000 signatures within 48 hours. The Legalt government certainly did not see this uprising coming across Quebec, it could hold well.

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Minister Franకోois Bonnardell promised in our pages yesterday. But without a proven need and at a huge cost, a third link can never be justified.

As an acquaintance told me, the tunnel could be done one day, but chickens have teeth … and decayed teeth.