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Measuring dust on the moon to combat pollution on Earth

Measuring dust on the moon to combat pollution on Earth

Friday, May 28, 2021 at 2:45 PM – Dust on the moon has nothing to do with the dust found in our homes. It is ubiquitous and very abrasive. During human activity, astronauts must be careful about it. The new technology developed to detect this dust will be very useful on our planet.

Dirty moon

The dust that appears on the moon is not like the dust that collects on the furniture in our house. It is ubiquitous and very abrasive. The astronauts of the Apollo missions learned this hard. A device has been developed to alert the owners of the spacecraft if the level of dust particles is too high. This is a module called Space Canary.

Auxiliary technology

On Earth, pollution particles come from many sources: forest fires, volcanic eruptions and fossil fuels. Space Canary’s technology helps land users, especially firefighters, to fight forest fires. The device can detect carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, methane and other pollutants.

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