May 22, 2022

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Cell phone while driving: Denise Coder refuses to explain what he is doing

Cell phone while driving: Denise Coder refuses to explain what he is doing

The next day we published that he was tampering with a device that looked like a cell phone while driving his car, Montreal Denis Coder Meyer candidate refused to describe himself and denied texting while driving.

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Mr Coderrey was photographed Friday morning, unknowingly, by a citizen who did not want to be publicly identified.

The journal unveiled these images sent to us yesterday. In these photos, we see the mayor leaning on a device he holds in his hand as he waits at a red light behind the wheel of his car.

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Radio silence

Denise Coder, who was contacted by phone to find out the situation, did not answer our calls yesterday afternoon.

Mark-Antoine Audette, a press attachment for the official opposition in Montreal City Hall, refused to interview us with the mayoral candidate.

“I’m going to repeat what I said yesterday: Denise Coder doesn’t text behind the wheel,” he said.

What is he doing if he does not use his phone? Mr. Audette could not answer.

“No comment on this,” he dropped.

A device in your hands

However, for the Montrealist who took the photos, there is no doubt that Mr. Coder was texting behind his wheel on Friday morning.

“I also guarantee the authenticity of the photos,” the citizen replied.

At least three retired police officers have confirmed to our correspondent that Denise Coder is strictly observing the electronic device in the photos.

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The Journal published a report this weekend on cell phone use and the distractions it causes while driving.

Among other things, we learned that relatives and survivors of victims who died due to cell phones while driving still do not understand why this message did not reach some drivers.

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