May 17, 2022

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Emergency: Quebec Solidair calls for transition law

Emergency: Quebec Solidair calls for transition law

Quebec Solidair will on Wednesday propose to the Legalt government to adopt a transitional law to get out of the state of emergency that has plagued Quebec since the outbreak began.

“This transition law, its aim is very simple, is to identify health practices in a reasonable way; in other words, withdraw the carte blanche that the government has had for more than a year and replace it with the legal framework, which gives it reasonable powers and provides a reasonable framework for these powers” Gabriel, co-spokesman for the training, explained in an interview with Nadeau-Dubois, our parliamentary office

Therefore, Quebec can, for a period of time, continue to wear masks, oversee private meetings, apply health measures to businesses, and place “covid bonuses”.

On the other hand, other extraordinary powers – such as skipping calls for tenders and terminating collective agreements for government employees – can terminate an application if they no longer feel necessary.

The parliamentary leader’s proposal was inspired by the “principle” of a similar bill in France, but not by its “criticized” content.

According to the Quebec Solidar Count, the Legalt government will be in the 63rd revival by decree of health emergencies, in the cabinet today.

This tentative measure aims to respond quickly in the event of a crisis. For example, at the beginning of the epidemic, Quebec was able to bypass routine tender procedures to urgently obtain the personal protective equipment needed by health care workers.

Long-term measures

Opposition parties in Quebec have been questioning the extension of the state of emergency for several weeks, and now the number of COVID-19 infections is declining.

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The Legal government recently voted in favor of a motion to end these extraordinary powers after the end of the vaccine campaign and the epidemiological situation was brought under control.

According to some experts, some health measures will still have to be applied for many months or years, said Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois.

“In the coming months, in the next two, three years, it will not be impossible to revive the cases of new variants: are we going to push Quebec back into the state every time? A total emergency?” , Appeal for “new legal framework”.