May 28, 2022

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Proms: The ban will be re-evaluated

Proms: The ban will be re-evaluated

After students and parents, now school administrators are calling for the relaxation of the rules surrounding organizing events for graduates, which in the present context is being taken very seriously.

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For his part, dr Horacio Arruda vowed to re-evaluate whether to allow prams on Wednesday. “We are not here to hate the population,” he defended himself at a press conference next school year.

The decision to put public health aside, announced earlier this week, is causing a great deal of dissatisfaction this year, again, with high school students setting up this ritual towards adolescence.

Graduation ceremonies may be held, but these activities must take place at school, during school hours. Parents can not attend.

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Too far

The Quebec Federation of Educational Institutions (FQDE) felt that some of the directives were going too far because they were tougher than last year.

During a meeting with the Ministry of Education on Tuesday, FQDE called for graduation ceremonies to be held in the evening or on weekends. “We can not see the ance of doing this during school hours, but not at all then,” began its president, Nicholas Provost.

School administrators want parents to be the same as last year, respecting the rules of physical distance.

Vaccine coverage is inadequate

For his part, dr Rare says vaccine coverage is not enough for this category of the population right now to give the green light to a traditional graduation ball company.

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“But I am committed to assessing very quickly again,” he said. If there is anything parents and students can do, it is to be vaccinated, as it may change the game in the coming weeks. “

Catching proms after the summer will be evaluated on an avenue. “It becomes clear even when a good number of people start their first dose, the second dose, then we are facing a population with another immune status,” he argues.

Parties secrets

Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections, but will seek to have the transition from high school to CEGEP celebrated.

Such meetings are neat and really planned, make sure the young people you meet Newspaper Wednesday near La Signery High School in Quebec.

In a letter to parents last week, the school management asked not to allow their teenager to attend such secret parties.

Horacio Rare knows that public health decisions can have disastrous consequences. “This is one of the things we will review and re-evaluate,” he said.