May 24, 2022

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Franకోois Legalt puts forward the idea of ​​”festivals-balls”

Franకోois Legalt puts forward the idea of ​​"festivals-balls"

Prime Minister, Franకోois Legalt, Puts forward the idea of ​​organizing “festival-balls” to allow graduates to maintain this passage dear to the hearts while respecting the rules of health. His remarks caused some teeth to grind in the National Health Director National D entourager Horacio Arruda, an apricot Destiny.

A member of the public health team at a festival and graduation party said, “It’s not on the same level of danger” because he does not have the authority to interview the media. “Proms are very dangerous because participants get to know each other. And alcohol sometimes gets involved in the game,” he said.

The reluctance of the Directorate General of Public Health quickly fades in three weeks, with most areas turning yellow or green and most of the adolescents being vaccinated … for at least two weeks, underlined- “school trips” to vaccination centers a few days before it starts.

Through his political advisers, Mr. Legalt “asked” Dr “Arruda to find a compromise for our young people so that they can find the high school finish” in a beautiful way without opening the door to a spread. […] Causes[ant] Serious damage ”. “I’m sad, especially after they passed last year, there was no ball. [Ils] It deserves to have something, ”he told a news conference in Parliament Hill on Thursday. “I had the ball after high school. I had the ball after college. Then came the ball after college. I remember three incidents very well. We have Fun“And it marked my life,” said the 64-year-old elected official.

The head of government took the liberty of establishing certain avenues for reflection for the benefit of public health professionals. He recalled the unconditional green light given from June 25 to “the resumption of celebrations and other events offering open events”. “There may be a festival-ball, I do not know, in the open,” Mr. Legalt began to the press, agreeing at the same time that “there is no need for rain, for example.”

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“I think there are ways to have outdoor activities and facilities,” the elected Coquista continued. He recalled that from the day after the national holiday, the festival would have the power to “stand or sit without space” for a maximum of 2,500 people, with the condition that “basic sanitation and other activities be respected”. .

Franకోois Legalt suggested that everyone hold graduation ceremonies “outside of school” [reste] In its place in the school ”. “I think it’s possible,” he argued.

Soon, places of worship, funeral parlors and businesses will be celebrating their 10th anniversaryE, 25E Or 50E The anniversary called for the relaxation of health measures that regulate their activities.

Concerned about the “consistency” of sanitation measures, dr Rare promises to “quickly” amend the rules governing the activities of the year: sacred rites for more than one high school graduate.

The associate deputy minister said he was dealing with “public pressure” rather than “political pressure”. It is mainly used by students and their parents – who have heard their “cries of the heart” since the ban was announced on France for the second year in a row – he explained. “Whether the ‘PM’ asks me or not, I re-evaluate it. If the population is to return, if we want to continue our membership, it’s important. […] As a doctor […], When the patient does not want something or he says: “I want you to see”, I re-evaluate “, confirmed Dr Arruda, when not added ” [être] Alone there ”. New talks are underway with regional public health directors. Risks of COVID-19 transmission in “small”, “medium” and “large” Parties “It was held before or after graduation, especially during the ball – a” dance party “, he recalled – and was real after the ball.” We’ll come to you soon, “he promised.