December 8, 2023

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7 signs It’s true love, not a passing crush

7 signs It's true love, not a passing crush

When you begin to have feelings for each other, it is difficult to tell the difference between love, friendship, attraction or admiration.

The new relationship is always exciting! Very exciting, we can believe we are in love when it is not necessarily.

Romantic feelings are experienced differently in everyone, so there is no magic formula. On the other hand, some signs tell you that it is love with Capital A or some passing crush.

1. You are comfortable in their presence

At the beginning of a date, it is very common to feel some kind of fear. On the other hand, if it continues, it could be a bad sign! When you find the right person and the relationship is healthy, you should be calm and good.

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2. You trust them

It’s a clich, but trust is the foundation of any good relationship! If you can’t rely on the person you ask for help or the person you keep secret, that’s a bad sign. It is very important to be able to count a person for a romantic relationship!

3. You are 100% yourself with them

If you are in love, you are not afraid that you will be judged when you express your views honestly. If you feel you can be 100% yourself without hiding anything, this is a great sign! It’s hard to form a strong relationship when you hide parts of yourself.

4. You think about them often

It should come as no surprise to anyone that when you love someone, you think of them! According to many experts, it is common to start worrying about the health and well-being of others while in love.

5. You are happy when they are there

You can assess whether a relationship is healthy or toxic by looking at how you have been feeling since the relationship began. When we live a positive love story, we usually see life positively! The opposite effect is worrying.

6. You want to share experiences with them

If you feel like doing all this with one person, this is a sign that you are not in love! When this happens to us, we almost have the person. We must not forget that it is important for everyone to keep their tastes and interests in touch as well.

7. Imagine you have a future

When you include them naturally in your plans for the future it is a clear sign that you have romantic feelings towards someone. Your brain begins to imagine them in the future and the future in them seems impossible.

If this list reminds anyone of you … you are in love!

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