May 24, 2022

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Another strike will force schools in Quebec to close

Another strike will force schools in Quebec to close

The Union of Education Professionals’ new “mystery” strike forced schools to close on Wednesday, while strikers staged morning picket lines in front of schools in Quebec.

In the Quebec City area, 800 union members went on a half-day strike, with more than 200 professionals on a “mystery” strike in Sagune-Lock-Saint-Jean.

At A Toys, more than 350 professionals are affected by the half-day walkout. Therefore schools will be closed and lessons will be discontinued.

Ditto for Montreal, who announced that the school service center was suspending classes due to this union street action.

To do this, elementary schools are closed throughout the day, as well as daycare services. There will also be no distance education.

While high school students are televising in the morning, lessons in the afternoon are face-to-face, according to the usual schedule.

However, Sophie-Barrot, Saint-Henry, Evangeline, La Dowersier, La Woie and Louis-Reel high schools are all open on the same day due to a scheduled vaccination operation.

“We are aware of the challenges posed by this extraordinary year and the strikes of the past few weeks have once again changed the daily routine of families,” said the Center de Services Scholar de Montreal.

For its part, the Point-D-L School Services Center announced on Wednesday that it was suspending classes and daycare services. Therefore all primary and secondary schools will be closed.

It was the third picket conducted by 10,000 academic professionals over a six-week period, with its collective agreement ending in 2020.